Is it normal to be in love with a fictional character?

marth 08/13/2018. 8 answers
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im in love with a fictional character and i was just wondering if its normal...

8 Answers

Purdyspup 08/24/2018.

I suppose it's normal to have crushes, I think it shows you are a very imaginative and creative person.

Athena 08/24/2018.

Define "normal."

Anonymous 08/24/2018.

I guess

Jesus Christ 08/24/2018.

No. It is not. May my father bless you and help you out of this tough time. You need serious help.

Delete, Rewind.X 08/24/2018.

It's fine for a temporary crush or idolization of a character. If this "relationship" with a fictional character starts to impact real life situations or relationships then it's not healthy.

Anonymous 08/24/2018.

It's not common but also not unheard of. If you are obsessive about the character, you should find other things in your life to do or seek counselling.

Amber 08/24/2018.

Its only weird if you make it weird. lol don't let it get weird...

Aiden 08/24/2018.

don't let it get serious than its weird