Do some Artists have psychic abilities?

Derek 08/13/2018. 12 answers
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12 Answers

No Chance Without Jesus 08/15/2018.

Only the ones living in billion dollar mansions

which is none.

I mean if you were psychic wouldn't you have bought Apple stock when it was way low?

bluebellbkk 08/15/2018.

Nobody can prove it either way.

Chances68 08/15/2018.

I've known folks who are very, very observant, and have agile minds to take those observations and make them seem like magic, but in the end, there's no evidence at all that any psychic powers exist, and there have been a long series of invitations to demonstrate those powers, all without any successful takers.

GodsLOL 08/15/2018.

Since nobody has psychic abilities, no.

Ricardo 08/15/2018.

This kid does.

bender_xr217 08/15/2018.

There is no reliable testable evidence that anyone has psychic abilities.

Sir Viktor Knight 08/15/2018.

Yes. They have the ability to sense exactly how the picture they are painting will turn out. So if it is terrible, they know before they begin painting.

Jason 08/15/2018.

No humans of any sort have any supernatural powers, even baby jebis.

ReynaIdo Weeks 08/15/2018.

No, period.

Faithless Lives 08/15/2018.

Nah, you would have to be a complete buffoon to believe something like that.


Word 08/15/2018.

No one does

Mene mene tekel 🏊 08/15/2018.

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