How to pass your theory test first time?

jessica 08/13/2018. 9 answers
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9 Answers

KayleenR 09/05/2018.

Pass the examiner $50

Jay P 08/26/2018.

The test is easy IF you know the material...

As others have mentioned, study, study some more, and when you think you know it all, read the material over again.

oklatom 08/26/2018.

Study. Read the manual cover to cover several times.

Katie 08/26/2018.

Read the Highway Code a couple of times before. And when you are sat at the computer, just click the mouse once when you see each hazard - multiple clicks confuses the memory and you will fail.

Bertsta 08/26/2018.

Learn sh!t

don r 08/26/2018.

Learn the book, like everybody else who passes.

Scott 08/26/2018.

Studying always helped me pass tests.

JetDoc 08/26/2018.

STUDY harder.

Percyqted 08/26/2018.

Study, study study.