How do we force people born in the 20th century to hand over their careers to us?

Travis 08/13/2018. 14 answers
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Travis 08/13/2018.

We aren’t giving our careers to people under the age of 19.

rick29148 08/14/2018.

Go right ahead & try .......................

ibu guru 08/13/2018.

Some people born in the 20th century are just about old enough now to start working! You expect them to retire already when you aren't even old enough to have graduated from college & entered the workforce? How idiotic.

Your parents - & probably your grandparents - still have to work to survive. They already spent too much money on you to have saved enough for retirement. Or are you already earning a million bucks a year and are willing & able to support them all for the rest of their lives?

Cori 08/13/2018.

Why don't you die??? That will solve your problems!

DEBS 08/13/2018.

It's quite simple. All you have to do it work hard and gain enough knowledge to be able to be able to do the job better than them. You simply thinking you are better doesn't cut it.

Jas B 08/13/2018.

The 20th century ended on December 31, 2000, so you want the only people to be able to work is the under 18's?

Steven S 08/13/2018.

Careers are not handed over. You have to work to have a career.

Anonymous 08/13/2018.

Maybe you Kids should just work hard for those great opportunities in America regardless of Age.

Justin Thyme 08/13/2018.

You are kidding, right?

Success 08/13/2018.

Sure...why don't you come to my workplace and start doing my job?

I will even TRAIN you.

Regardless... one week in and you will be hiding under your desk, pissing your pants and crying like an infant ...'It's too hard...why do they use their OUTDOOR voices at me? I can't do is too much work! come in here and.... work....just come in here and take my damn job... will be begging me to come back ...

....and I will laugh at you.

Who 08/13/2018.

give them a million and you will have to hold them back

electricpole 08/13/2018.

Careers are built. And that takes effort and time.

Good luck

John M 08/13/2018.

You're a bunch of punks, and you are not forcing anyone to do anything.

Alan 08/13/2018.

You need to graduate out of kindergarten first.