Can I create an event at a very small local park in my neighborhood and charge people to come?

Joanna 08/12/2018. 9 answers
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I m trying to fundraise money for a beauty pageant i m doing. I thought it would be a good idea to set up a movie night at a small park in my neighborhood. I rarely see people go to that park because it s really just grass and benches, but it s still considered a park. Kids don t really play there often. I thought...

9 Answers

joel 08/22/2018.

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David 14 08/19/2018.

Depends on the city or town that owns the park.

Erik 08/19/2018.

You would need permission from the city to do that. They would either say no or require you to pay them a bunch of money, probably more than you would actually collect from your event. Forget this idea.

babyboomer1001 08/19/2018.

Unless you won't mind being arrested and hauled off to jail, fined and charged and facing a judge, don't do it. You cannot do such a thing anywhere on public property. That includes a park.

Greg 08/19/2018.

Not without approval.

Judy 08/19/2018.

You'd need a permit and pay a fee. You might or might not be able to charge admission in a public park, probably not.

Elaine M 08/19/2018.

You need permission from the park. You may need permits from the police if you're charging a fee to get in. And as for showing movies, have you NOT seen the disclaimer on all the DVDs and Videos at the start where it says you can't show them to the public for a fee?

Diane A 08/19/2018.

This would probably cost you quite a bit of money and time to do this (as per Gramps who is correct) and frankly not worth your time. Nor, would, I bet, many people come and pay to see something on a sheet.You know any money you raise after a certain amount has to be declared as income as well. Better to get your fam to give it to you.

Happy Gramps 08/19/2018.

your 1st obstacle would be to get approval from the park commission, or whatever agency is in charge of events at parks; 2nd might be the need for a permit; 3rd would be insurance; 4th would be the cost of the electricity, and so on