I m in love with a fictional character!?

Estelle 08/12/2018. 10 answers
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I m reading this book, and I fell in love with this character. I ve tried everything. I have even tried throwing the book away, I just keep buying a new one. It seems like nothing will work. When I m in class, I find myself daydreaming about her. She is constantly on my mind, and I m too embarrassed to tell anyone;...

10 Answers

Estelle 08/24/2018.

It's just another version of a celebrity crush.

You're attracted to an idealized person who you don't really know and could not possibly have a relationship with.

Obviously in this case it's even more impossible.

It will run it's course, don't worry.

Jesus Christ 08/24/2018.

Pray for forgiveness

Flowers 08/24/2018.

Maybe she represents something you missed out on. You can never have her, but seek out people who are like her.

pianoman 08/24/2018.

That's not love. It's called infatuation. The character is obviously the idea person you'd like to have a relationship with.

bluebellbkk 08/24/2018.

Assuming you're a teenager, this is not at all unusual. It's quite normal to 'practise' being in love, first with a fictional character, then with a real person but one who's out of your reach like a film star.

It's a way of experiencing the emotions in a safe way.

As you get a bit older, you feel confident enough to fall for a real person who IS within your reach. And later again, maybe you fall for The Only Person in the World.

Marli 08/24/2018.

At least you're aware she is fictional. If you were sure she was real, you'd be one delusional girl.

Do you think of her during boring classes and homework subjects or during all clases, recreations, time with friends, etc.? If so, you are going to your "happy place", daydreaming about something more interesting than the anatomy of a housefly.

I fantasized about fictional characters too when I was a teen. I still do, since I write fanfic. But if you want to graduate and keep your friends, you should concentrate on who and what requires your attention. Tell your obsession to wait in the next room and close the door. You'll daydream about her after homework.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 08/24/2018.

Are you less attracted to her if I tell you I did her?

j 08/24/2018.

If you're not trolling...you're simply using a sock-puppet to bolster and develop your own femininity.

Related: "Love and Sexuality," Omraam Aivanhov;

"For Couples Only," Shaunti Feldhahn;

"Finding a Higher Love."

Gigapie 08/24/2018.

I guess you're just amazingly fuckedup, then.

Anonymous 08/24/2018.

Don’t worry I have that,I just embrace it and joke about it and people tend to laugh along