Which fantasy clichés are you guys tired of and think should be avoided?

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k 08/24/2018.

The man who is a "knight in shining armour" who is going to come to the girl/womans rescue and make everything sunshine and money. Lol

Andrew 08/24/2018.

The black-and-white nature of the hero/villain, protagonist/antagonist dichotomy - the hero is always so annoyingly "good" and "decent" and "honest" and "reliable" and "pure" and the villain is always so "evil" and "dishonest" and "overzealous", "obsessive" and often considered to be "insane." It's so one-dimensional, boring, predictable and unimaginative.

The broken character that because of some loss or tragedy has given up on life, but over the course of the story begins to reclaim some semblance of purpose or happiness.

The chosen one who isn't aware that he/she is destined to become a hero or saviour.

The coward or traitor who betrays or by some other means impedes the hero, but later recants, engages in an act that assists the execution of the hero's goal and is completely forgiven before either dying a heroic and noble death or being accepted right back into the fold with no hard feelings.

The hero and the villain having some coincidental connection other than simply being enemies who are at odds with one another.

The magic item that holds the key to defeating the evil forces that threaten the hero and his/her compatriots or the world at large.

The frustratingly oafish yet faithful companion of the hero who constantly bungles things, yet somehow manages to rise to the occasion when he or she is needed most.

The ambiguously worded prophecy that could refer to several people, events, places, time periods, etc., that both the hero, the villain, the secondary characters and the reader are all trying to decipher before it comes to pass.

The reluctant hero who begins his or her involvement with the entire enterprise for ignoble reasons, but eventually comes to have a change of heart and becomes a true believer in the ideals behind the hero's quest.

The unkind, unpleasant, overbearing, often downright mean authority figure who gives the hero a hard time whom the reader is supposed to see as a lesser villain before it is revealed that the gruff exterior was placed there for some other reason and the person is actually an ally.

I'm sure that I could think of many, many more, but that will do for now.

bluebellbkk 08/24/2018.

'Feisty' teenage girls.

Flowers 08/24/2018.

Where they move out but at the last second they see all the good memories and decide not to move. Where two bitchhiz choose between a guy but chooses HERSELF.

Crow 08/24/2018.


Tropes are what makes a genre a genre.

tham153 08/24/2018.

quest for the maguffin that controls whatever

noble peasants

wicked witches, sinister sorcerers

talking animals (if my cats spoke English it would be only "food", "pet", "sleep")

kid who is the lost heir

sidekicks with no noticeable motive for hanging around

pianoman 08/24/2018.

Most of them.

Anonymous 08/24/2018.

All of them should be avoided. Fantasy literature itself should be avoided. Very overdone and passe.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 08/24/2018.

Supernatural detectives.

Teen protagonists.


Any world which is just like ours, but with magic

Marli 08/24/2018.

I agree that heroes with pimples is an overused cliche today. Superheroes used to be men and women. Grown-ups. The kids in coming-of-age plots could prove themselves, but they were not the commanders.

Sir Caustic 08/24/2018.

Most of what's in this illiterate nonsense..........

Tina 08/24/2018.

Teenagers with Powers. And especially Teenagers with Powers. Oh, and did I mention Teenagers with Powers?

"She was only a farmer's daughter, but my what an ancient prophecy she had!"

Feisty teenage girl (probably with Powers) who doesn't like dressing up and wants to ride out on adventures.

Modern American or even British teenagers (especially if they have Powers) stuck in a fantasy world that's supposed to be medieval.

Harry Potter ripoffs. To be fair they don't get published, but oh do they turn up in 'do you like my writing?' questions.

Lucas 08/24/2018.

This isn't a fantasy cliche, specifically, but I hate reading about teenagers. Even when I was a teen I couldn't stand it. Teenagers are as*holes! Stop making them the protagonists in everything!