Is it possible for one person to own and operate a crematorium without hiring anyone to help them run the business?

CariChick 08/12/2018. 8 answers
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joel 08/22/2018.

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Elaine M 08/19/2018.

No. It's also a HIGHLY regulated field.

Tavy 08/19/2018.

Could you move a 30 stone person on your own? Or is your Crem just for little people 5 days a week. No holidays or time off.

Judy 08/19/2018.

would be unusual

Who 08/19/2018.

Dont think any crematorium operates totally on its own without the other functions required in a "funeral"

(i.e - it aint - somebody turns up with a body, it gets cremated, the ashes are collected into an urn, job done

A crematorium on its own? probably no (ever tried moving a body?) - 2 people - yes

a crematorium with its normal surrounding services - no chance

Anonymous 08/19/2018.

Sure, but the extra workers help with stocking, Crushing, moving, cleaning, and disposals.

That is an awful lot of labour intensive work.

Stocking the disposable containers (required by Statute)

Conveying the Corpse to the holocaust.

Removal of the Remains, Crushing the bones, and filling the "Vault" (Vase/box)

Cleaning out the oven. Adjusting the and testing the gas pipes.

Disposing of the dust, soot, wiping the pipes. Handling the Hazardous Waste.

Dealing with the clients.

Maintaining the paper trails for the government requirements.

and more...

Boney Boy Bailey 08/19/2018.

That would be difficult, I don't think you'd need a big team but someone to do the admin, marketing and scheduling, an operator to actually do the cremations who needs to sit with the body while it's burning and then get it into the cremulator afterwards to crush the bones, you'd have to help them with lifting or if you are going to do that yourself how are you going to lift really big people on your own? I think three people could do it and get by, an operative, a secretary and a managing director.

Anonymous 08/19/2018.

It's nearly impossible. It would also depend on your physical capabilities. You can very quickly get behind.