Would you wear these (Keds) to school? Or no because you think they're not "cool"?

Grace 08/12/2018. 9 answers
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9 Answers

Emily 08/12/2018.

Depends on you , but they're not ugly I think you should if u want unless u care what other people think than do whatever boosts it confidence or makes you feel comfortable .

Catherine 08/12/2018.

Most schools wouldn't allow it so no.

Bam 08/12/2018.

Personally I love them! Wear whatever makes you happy. I highly doubt anyone will be looking at your shoes anyway, so wear them for you.

18 gibbs 20 08/12/2018.

They are retro cool.

Anonymous 08/12/2018.

What I would do is irrelevant. If you like them then wear them.

Anonymous 08/12/2018.

I go to high school and yeah people wear shoes like that a lot as long as you wear them with the right outfit they’re cute.

Anonymous 08/12/2018.

They look like a pair vans to look like a pair vans to look like a pair of vans to look like another pair of vans only to look like vans.

rick29148 08/12/2018.

IF I still went to school, which I don't, no.

Rei 08/12/2018.

no, because I don't go to school

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