Can you play music after the latest Windows 10 updates?

buzzard b8 08/11/2018. 7 answers
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so here is a question for you, my wife has a lot of music on her 6 year old laptop, when I tried to update Windows 10 to the last fall creators update I was warned that her music may not play after the update as the licenses may not be acknowledged ( or something to that effect). I stopped the update at that point...

7 Answers

brayden 08/13/2018.

I have not seen that message. You are getting it because apparently you have a hardware device associated with music playing on your computer whose driver is going to be overwritten with the new update. Nobody else will get that message unless they too have a hardware device impacted. All you have to do is download and install the latest driver from the manufacturer's website to fix whatever may get broken

Remember the message said "MAY not work". May means some who have that hardware device had issues, but not everyone has the problem. Go ahead and install it. Then IF you can't play music, just install the latest hardware device to fix it.

Mr. T 08/13/2018.

You should not have any issues going from a W7 machine to W10. Sounds like you may have your music on an iTunes Acct. or similar. Copy some of the music to a Flash drive & then play on a W10 unit. If functions normally the copy the remainder of the music to the FD for safe keeping → then update the unit


American Pride 08/12/2018.

I never saw a message like that. All of my music plays but none of it was itunes or anything like that. All of it was ripped from cds.

ravenhill 08/12/2018.

if you opt out of the unwanted update then yes.

Rachel 08/12/2018.

Haven’t tried it.

David 08/12/2018.

Some people have had problems with the old realtek audio driver not being fully compatible with windows 10. You should be able to download the updated version either from the laptop manufacturers website or the realtek website. If the laptop doesn't use the realtek audio you shouldn't have a problem

this youtube video explains the problem and the fix
[ Link ]

Jack 08/12/2018.

I opt out of that update, unless you want those features. Windows runs slightly better without it.