Im writing a story for fun and i need help trying to find a name for the story. Based on the synopsis, can someone give me some suggestions?

joshua 08/11/2018. 8 answers
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The day that Avatar Korra died was a painful day for everyone who came to know her. The day that Korra died, the Avatar spirit Raava that lived inside her and all Avatars before her was seen in the mortal world. Raava was so grief-stricken that another one of her precious children, one of her children that knew her...

8 Answers

pianoman 08/24/2018.

"The Death of Avatar". When you write your story be sure to write "I'm" not "Im" and always capitalize I not i.

denise 08/24/2018.

'The Elementals'.

Marli 08/24/2018.

Four As One. One as Four.

❦50ShadesOfNaughty⛧ 08/24/2018.

The Four Elements

ckngbbbls 08/24/2018.

The Day Avatar Korra Died

Andrew 08/24/2018.

"Five Magics"

Number One is the power to control Earth... Number Two is the power to control water... Number Three is the power to control air... Number Four is the power to control fire... And Number Five is the power to bore the reader to death.

jakemcclake 08/24/2018.

The Day that Korra Died,

Anonymous 08/24/2018.

More Avatars.