Why don't men wear bras?

Big Mama 08/10/2018. 11 answers
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I'm a lady and I've noticed that half of men have bigger boobs than me. Shouldn't they be using a bra?

11 Answers

18 gibbs 20 08/11/2018.

No need. That's just get. It's not milk producing.

Alesha 08/11/2018.

Society standards, His boobs are nothing, yours and mine are sacred, to be kept out of site period. Actually it's even more apparent on the beach, I see guys all the time with bigger boobs that me, shirt off and no one gives them a second look. I take my top off and people stare, go figure. The few times I've actually taken my top off to tan the boobs I haven't gotten in trouble for it, but still it's annoying.

Anonymous 08/11/2018.

Men who are so obese they have "moobs" are not the sort that play sports & jog where it would be a problem. If you just sit around all day you do not really need a bra- male or female.

Some guys who are doing a major weight loss will wear compression garments designed to hold all the loose skin in place to make exercise more comfortable and to produce a better appearance until they can get surgery. Most doctors will not operate until the weight loss had been maintained for at least a 2 years.

Guys who like to wear women's underwear...... well that is another thing LOL!

Elizabeth 08/11/2018.

Society standards

shegufa 08/11/2018.

Men use inner if they have big boob. They don't wear bras because it is insulting to me.

My American 08/11/2018.

Women should never have been allowed to vote. It was great at first and only right, or so it seemed, but look how far its gone! All day long I see men walk by in pink or with a womans hairdo, or wearing mens clothes on top, but a skirt on bottom. AND I DONT GET THE IMPRESSION THEY'RE GAY, IT SEEMS MORE LIKE WOMEN HAVE BEEN PUSHING THEIR ANTI-MALE AGENDA ON MEN VIA 'FASHION'...telling men "oh men can wear pink!" (yea. they can if they want a sausage in their butt..

GodsLOL 08/10/2018.

We burned them all in the 70s

Lord Bacon 08/10/2018.

Women are not obliged to wear bras. It is a choice ... a practical one I am sure but still a choice.

A man is free to wear a bra if he wants and if he can find one that fits. Again, it's a matter of choice. Our collective decisions establish social convention. Our individual decisions affect whether we follow convention. It is not necessarily compulsory.

People come in all shapes and sizes and, in general, those sizes are increasing.

At the same time, we are introducing ever more endocrine disrupter chemicals into the environment. It is little surprise that some men can match women in the chest department.

I wonder what people will look like in 100 years time ......

Rowley 08/10/2018.

No they shouldnt - they should be using a diet

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

Men can go topless and it really wouldn't be a huge deal...

For women, on the other hand, boobs can be distracting to guys since they stand out more(and they're very sexualized in society)....so women have to wear bras.

DIck 08/11/2018.

lol...maybe they should...i wonder if they have back problems too

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