How much does a McDonald’s franchise owner make a year?

Anonymous 08/10/2018. 4 answers
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4 Answers

Judy 08/19/2018.

No one eanswer. Might be a lot, might lose money.

Success 08/19/2018.

Depends on the location of the franchise and the diligence of the owner.

David 14 08/19/2018.

Each is different but it pays well.

Steve D 08/19/2018.

Average owner can make about $150,000 per store. Figure you work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day (about 50 hours a week). Of course, you need an initial investment of about $1 million and net liquid assets of $500,000 before you can open (you pay 40% of the start-up costs cash which must not be borrowed).