Does a novel that is daring and original (as it can be) always become successful?

Anonymous 08/10/2018. 18 answers
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Anonymous 08/24/2018.

Not always

John P 08/24/2018.

No work of fiction or fact is ever guaranteed a good sales record, no matter how outrageous it is.

I assume you mean: "....that is as daring and original as it can be, always....." And actually "always" is imprecise, better to use "necessarily" or "certainly".

pianoman 08/24/2018.

No one can make that prediction.Nothing is guaranteed..

Lois Elliott 08/24/2018.

I felt Harry Potter was as original as could be. And it was very successful

Elaine M 08/24/2018.

If the quality of writing isn't up to par, no, the work won't find an audience.

Andrew 08/24/2018.

What one person might consider "daring" would likely differ very much from what the next person might consider "daring." That's especially true today as things that were considered too lewd, blue, risque or downright inappropriate only a few short years ago are things that practically nobody bats an eye at now. And as for originality, there's really no such thing in ANY art form - literature, fine art, cuisine, music, film, drama, architecture, it's all been done. You might notice that the popular books and films and songs are what sells. It's proven that mindless Hollywood blockbusters, formulaic run-of-the-mill books, and simple songs that don't sound any different from others will make money. Serious readers don't want to read rubbish just because the author thinks he or she is pushing the envelope. And people who read drivel aren't drawn in by originality, they like the tried and true same-old same-old. And here you are worrying about what might sell. It's kind of ridiculous really

Crow 08/24/2018.

no. Most novels written of any sort never get published. Most published novels sell fewer than 1000 copies, are only in a few shops for a month, and are out of print within a year. Most people who want to be published authors don't make it, and most who do make it earn far less than you might guess. Half of people who have one novel published never get a contract for a second novel.

Most novels that DO make it are not highly daring and original. They are very much like the books that came before them in genre, tone, and style. Experimental novels do very poorly unless they happen to become the darling of the literary/review community that year. (Lincoln in the Bardo last year, for instance.) And even then, more than half the people who buy them only do so to put them on the table and look intellectual rather than actually reading and enjoying them.

I'm a successful writer now, but if you take the money I've earned and divide it by the hours I've spent at it, it's still nowhere near a minimum wage income.

Marli 08/24/2018.

No. It has to capture wide public interest. Is the subject interesting? Are the characters? Is the writing intelligible as well as clever? Is it promoted well?

bluebellbkk 08/24/2018.

No. Why would you think so?

Martygeorge 08/24/2018.

No it just depends on who is going to read it,always aim a novel to appeal to a higher market.

Amber 08/24/2018.

No, but then success is never guaranteed in anything, even when you think you have everything going for you. I've read some amazing books that have never made the best sellers list, then you get crap like Twilight that becomes huge.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 08/24/2018.

Of course not.

Plenty of original ideas are horribly written. As for daring, this is doesn't shock anyone but very prudish housewives in this day and age.

Verity 08/24/2018.

Of course not. Nowadays, publishing is driven by sales, not quality or originality.

Take the "50 Shades" series. Please.

Speed 08/24/2018.

I'd venture the guess that the more daring and original a novel is--as well as being well written--the less good are its chances. Readers don't necessarily want daring and original, and the author's notion that his/her novel is daring and original is rarely borne out. More often the author has mistaken shocking for daring and has allowed a small reading to suggest something is original when it's been done before, and quite well.

Anonymous 08/24/2018.

No. It just has to have something about it that catches the public's imagination - or at least the reviewers' collective eye.

Siddhartha 08/24/2018.

No, depends on advertising and journalism.

She Dances With Love 08/24/2018.

No, but it might be worthwhile to search out what makes for a fast chart busting book. Ask some publishing firms or do a search for why some people excel. For some reason, they just seem to click into that which lures the public in....

finding out what lures people or draws and holds their attention is a must... a book must satisfy some inner need for the person to stay interested. If you got potential as a writer, I'd say go for it!! You may be a Best Seller!! Do some homework first though.

Tina 08/24/2018.

No. Very few novels are successful, anyway, and few of those are daring and original.