My dad won’t let me go to a concert with a boy, what should I do?

Isabel 08/10/2018. 9 answers
Family & Relationships Friends

So there is this concert that my friend (who’s a boy) invited me to, he even paid for me. He’s like my best friend & what makes it better is that he’s only that. He’s never tried anything unlike other guy friends I’ve had so he’s really JUST my friend. Anyways I told my parents about it and my mom seemed cool...

9 Answers

Balt Bear 08/10/2018.

Ask your Mom for help, then abide by the results.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

well, your mom said you could go. why not?

alexis 08/10/2018.

Since our society is filled with people who believe that guys and girls can’t just be friends it’s hard to have a definitive answer but honestly I would just sit him down with the guy and talk about it as weird as it may seem it shows that you are comfortable with him meeting the guy and if the guy is a good person there should not be a problem your dad only has your best interest at heart

David 08/10/2018.

"Honour thy father and thy mother" (5th Commandment).

linkus86 08/10/2018.

You don't. Your friend may be just a friend, but going out to do anything alone with him is a "date" in your father's eyes. You aren't going to change his mind and instead focus on turning 16 when it will be allowed. Sorry

ryan 08/10/2018.

girls crowd surf and get sexually assaulted every time

k am 08/10/2018.

Write him a letter.

april 08/10/2018.

Respect your elder

Cavalier 08/10/2018.

That boy wants to get his penis in your vagina.


Women have babies, men don’t.


If and when you are ready to support a child without any contribution from your father, or any forced contribution from that friend-who’s-a-boy, then you are ready to go out with him, and not before.

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