I m 15 and I want plastic surgery.?

Yuna 08/10/2018. 7 answers
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I have always been self conscious about my appearance since the age of 7 and I really want to get plastic surgery before my face gets any worse. I am at a legal age in Korea to conset to it but I just want my mom to support me on this, she says I m beautiful already but she s lying to make me feel better and it...

7 Answers

Smelzabut 08/10/2018.

Everyone wants something like that at 15 I didn’t know anyone that didn’t want surgery at 15 and 10 years later nobody got it. At 15 it doesn’t matter if you’ve been worried since 7, you need to talk to someone about these issues you’re having with your looks because that isn’t normal to be thinking that way at 7 even if you were to be ugly. Address the mental side first. At 15 you cannot have plastic surgery anywhere

Tish 08/10/2018.

Give yourself a little time, at least until your 18, to make sure YOU are FORSURE this is what you want. I’m 19. I considered t around that age and decided to think on it for a year. I was hesitant and took that as my sign that, I was NOT for sure on this choice for myself. I did not follow through with it. Give yourself time to make sure you are for sure. Remember to love yourself toooo.

Elizabeth 08/10/2018.

I feel that you should personally wait until you're mentally ready. From what I know, plastic surgery in huge in South Korea. It has an affect on many people, making them think they're ugly. I even started to see flaws in myself. I'm from California and I know many beauty influencers who regret their decisions because they were never fully ready.

Justin 08/10/2018.

It's dangerous when you are still growing.

Francisco 08/10/2018.

Mother knows best.

Martygeorge 08/10/2018.

At 15 its ridiculous to consider plastic surgery, just take a look at all the celebs who have had it,who are now walking round like plastic blow up dolls,at 15 your features haven't even properly developed,but if you want to look like a cartoon character by the time your 21 then you carry on.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

DO NOT get surgery until you are full grown- the results will not look good. Wait until you are 18 and you have a more realistic expectation of what a plastic surgeon can actually do. They can not "make you beautiful" and what you like at 15 will not be what you like at 18.

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