Who's tired of the leftist agenda?

The Deplorable One 08/09/2018. 46 answers
Politics & Government Politics

46 Answers

The Deplorable One 08/10/2018.

I never vote Marxist socialist Liberals.

I was wrong once 08/10/2018.

You are a fool. How's that?

Chris 08/10/2018.

Yeah, telling us that we shouldn't use asbestos, shouldn't elect pedophiles to office, what assholes

kswck2 08/10/2018.

Other than Attack, do they Have and Agenda?

Nightwolf 08/10/2018.

If you don’t like it you can always leave

darkvelvetrain 08/10/2018.

I am tired of both extremes of the political agenda. I want a moderate with sensible policies, not one that believes they herald the second coming of either Christ or Marx.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

That stuff is hilarious.

DOnNy 08/10/2018.

I'm more tired of right wing hysteria.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.


Bill 08/10/2018.

I've been tired of it for years.

Constitutional Conservative 08/10/2018.

People are leaving the Democratic Party in record numbers.

zeno 08/10/2018.

Apparently even some democrats are tired of the leftist agenda and new

Democrats running for office are pledging not to appoint Nancy Pelosi

As speaker of the house if they win. They want her crazy leftist voice


Billy 08/10/2018.

I am. The left wing America hating left has a goal of a world dictatorship and they were well on the way to achieving it when Trump came along and threw a monkey wrench in their plans.

Frank 08/10/2018.

Everyone is getting there.

UMβRELLΔ 08/10/2018.

You mean the anti white (((cuck)) agenda. Designed to feminise and emasculate white males to a lesser existence. Definitely !!!

Bela 08/10/2018.

Only about 46% of voters. Oops! Sucks for you.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

so you are for conservative Nazi agenda ?

Meerkat Uno 08/10/2018.

Tell me what it is. Go ahead. List what YOU think "leftist agenda is". Bet you have no clue.

I am more tired of people who post hate and hide questions and answers under blue anonymous.

Artemisc 08/10/2018.

Ye. Affodab;e and accessible healthcare, affordable higher education, workplace protections, fair wages, who needs that crap?

RICHARD 08/10/2018.

There is no leftist agenda. They exist only as a voice of opposition to the establishment.

Deepest Tempest 08/10/2018.

Yes, I am tired of China's sweatshop labor and dumping garbage on American soil. What happened to the good old days of long lasting products? Stupid GOP and DNC don't seem to want long lasting products again for American consumers.

Sally 08/10/2018.

Here's a tip: If you think you know everything about liberals by listening only to other conservatives, then you are probably indoctrinated.

James 08/10/2018.

We must never get tired of fighting the leftist agenda. The leftist agenda is driving the leftists nuts because Americans are not buying their utopian no work society where everything is free and nobody has to produce the free products .

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

WE"RE TIRED OF YOU. Are you even 10 years old?

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

America. That's why they lost all three branches of governments.

busterwasmycat 08/10/2018.

Who is tired of hearing that the equal sharing of rights and responsibilities among all is some sort of "agenda"?

Look, you don't have to like people and what they do, but you don't have the right to tell them what they can or cannot do. You don't get to decide for anyone else. They don't get to decide for you. But if you want to take rights and freedoms from someone else, you better have a very good reason that you and yours get priority over theirs. It is not a good reason to say "because we have always done it" or "because god tells me". If your god tells you to deprive others of rights and freedom, maybe he isn't really a good god and you might want to rethink whether he is worth your adoration. And if you are a Christian and think that god tells you such things, then you have completely missed the point.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

America wants their Peter Pan government; whatever politician promotes a 'steal from the rich and give to the poor' vision for the future wins the popular vote.

W.T. Door 08/10/2018.

Just vote Republican.

RockIt 08/10/2018.

Its been lame for 80 years. Its wore out America. Especially leftist policies.

TexHabs 08/10/2018.

Assuming that by leftist you mean liberal (here in the U.S.) I am not tired of it, especially given the alternative.

Luke 08/10/2018.

I'm tired of your complaining

John 08/10/2018.

What leftist agenda? A majority of politicians in DC are center right or far right. Hardly any “leftists.” And they don’t have control of any branch of government and haven’t since before the 1980’s, when the rich didn’t influence politics like they do today.

æ 08/10/2018.

If it is so simple as to divide a nation, then who could not be tired of this?

Charles 08/10/2018.

Saying you're tired is one thing, but what are you going to do to counter it?

Jack 08/10/2018.

Stupid Trumpsters.

Vaxen 08/10/2018.

Millions around the world are.

Charlesetta 08/10/2018.

What is the leftist agenda?

Lib Crusher 08/10/2018.

The American people.

JOE 08/10/2018.

As sick of I am of the rightest agenda......................... spokesperson for the 70 million moderates that will decide the midterms.

Nash 08/10/2018.

Yeah, more than anything we need more conservativism, more right wing politics in America.

Next, we should bring in the gulags for those dirty liberals. Liberty is so overrated.

I say we need more plutocracy and more authoritarianism in the country.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

black filth

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

I am tired of whining Russian anonymous trolls

James 08/10/2018.

Mostly regressives

Smoking Joe 08/10/2018.

Compassion is a scary and confusing emotion to conservatives. "You mean I'm supposed to care what happens to somebody else? Why?"

Doc Awesome 08/10/2018.


KMR 08/10/2018.

I'm tired of ALL agendas, which is the obsession with "what's in it for me." We seem to have forgotten our humanity, especially now when we need it the most. People are no longer grateful for what they have. They focus only on what they don't have and why they think they should have more.

All political parties have poison agendas. No one of them is better than the other. So if you want a response to your question that has any value, you'd best be stating facts to support exactly what elements of said agenda are wearing you out.

Otherwise, you might be mistaken for a troll just looking for a fight. That, my friend, is not worth ANYBODY'S time.

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