My roommate got mad because I changed my doorknob?

BettiBois 08/09/2018. 5 answers
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I've recently been living with a roommate, whom I interviewed, and I thought my decision was the best one. However, not. I've accused my roommate of going in my room numerous times, i've told management about it, and I recently got the whole doorknob changed yesterday and he made a passive aggressive...

5 Answers

BettiBois 08/10/2018.

He doesnt wanna rob you, just get a new roomate

Jerry 08/10/2018.

Find another roomie...yours is a nut job.

KY-Clay 08/10/2018.

Obviously you do not need to live with this one. Time to move out.

jack 08/10/2018.

it sounds like your anxiety may be getting the better of you, but if you're extremely cautious then maybe install hidden cameras in your room.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

I would ask him to leave, if there is no LEASE or signed contract