Bible is the best book to read in the whole world?

carly 08/09/2018. 26 answers
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Nor 08/24/2018.

True story. KJV

John P 08/24/2018.

At the risk of sounding facetious, a nice big fat Bible is one of the best doorstop you can have.

As a religious text it is comparable to the religious texts in many religions.

pianoman 08/24/2018.

Some of these comments about the the bible are absolute untruths. They're made by people who are anti-religious and people who do not understand the bible and are to proud to say they don't understand what they've read. So in order cover their misunderstanding they prefer to degrade the bible. The bible is the most maligned book ever written. It is greatest book ever written. It is inexhaustible. There is no one who fully understands all of the bible. One does not read the bible as you read other books.

Anonymous 08/24/2018.

Of course it straightens your life out.

Elaine M 08/24/2018.

No, you get bogged down in the 'begats' section.

shegufa 08/24/2018.

For those who are religious and have faith on their god , they usually think that their god is the best and as well as their holy books.

Pauline 08/24/2018.

Naw, I don't like fiction.

The King James Version has some cracking language in it though. It was well-written.

Anonymous 07/24/2018.

Yes the bible is the best book in the world to read

ANDRE L 07/24/2018.


Oh, you were serious ? No. It's on the bottom ten books of all time, as it glorifies rape, murder, incest, and many barbaric and brutal values.

Blood_Donut 08/24/2018.

It's all lies.

Remmy 08/24/2018.

I sometimes see several contradictory things in the bible that i my have some questions. (I'm not anti-christ, or being blasthemous about the bible) i am roman chatholic but why did "god" forbade the tree of wisdom? Why did he not want adam and eve to eat the fruit to hve knowledge? Satan was the one who said to eat the fruit and gave the two knowledge our will to think. So, if thats the case... why was satan branded as an "evil" being? Was giving knowledge the evilest thing to do at those times? Also... god ordered to have human sacrifice in several occations, though satan hasn't done such... a little something to think about.

C 08/24/2018.

Not by a long way. I still recommend that everyone read it at some point though because it unlocks the themes of so much western art and literature and nobody can deny that the King James version is a beautiful piece of literature even if that's the last one scholars should rely on.

eskimobobillijiminthemetropolis 08/24/2018.

Not really no. I'm a Christian and all but I can't imagine reading the whole thing cover to cover. Leviticus would make me shoot myself in the dick.

The psalms are beautiful poetry for people of any faith and none.

But no basically.

Siddhartha 08/24/2018.

Yes, the King James version is beautifully written and has deeper and varied meanings.

bluebellbkk 08/24/2018.

That is not a question. You mean, "Is the Bible the best book to read ...?"

? 07/24/2018.

I agree. It changed my life, especially the New Testament. God is good!

Crow 07/24/2018.

no. It's boring, the history is bad, the science is worse, and the moral instruction is conflicting when it's not downright evil. "Kill your kid if you hear voices telling you to" is not good advice. It's horrible advice.

j 07/24/2018.

The Psalms, Gospels of John and Mark, Romans, and other books in the Christian Bible are wonderful, Faith-full.

If you're interested in Christian books,

"The Great Divorce" and "Mere Christianity" by C. S. Lewis, also his "That Hideous Strength" and "The Chronicles of Narnia;"

"Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul," "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive," and others in the series;

"For Couples Only;"

"Bringing up Girls" by Dr. James Dobson;

CantHaveItBothWays 07/24/2018.

No, not at all.

Cee 08/24/2018.

Can't say I'm a fan.

Bemo 08/24/2018.

The Bible is a set of books. Or a collection of books. If you are a Christion then it probably is for you the best. If you are a Jew then the BCE part of the Bible may be the best if you are Muslim The Quaran ...etc etc.

Nikki 08/24/2018.

fiction is a vehicle for thought. there are other thoughts about life, that the bible misses entirely, so it is simply a fiction work expressing a particular view point about life.

what if it is considered just a philosophy, then it can be compared for worthiness and values with other religious philosophies.

it will not take much of a yahoo-google search to find criticisms of its spiritual value.

Beast 07/24/2018.

I don't understand the Bible. I don't see how it relates to today's society. It's outdated. No one talks in Middle English anymore. We know good and well that the story of Jonah and the whale didn't happen. The largest thing a whale can swallow is a basketball, not a human. The rainbow isn't a promise from God to not flood the world again. It's a result of raindrops being filtered though sunlight.

We have no original copies of New Testament letters, only copies of copies, recopied over centuries. I am sure that the original translation has been lost.

P. 07/24/2018.

Necessary, maybe, if you're religious but the best ever? I can't even tell, I haven't read the entire thing but so far... I think I'll just stick with the ten commandments instead, waaaaay too big of a book.

Anonymous 07/24/2018.

Maybe in the top ten most boring books to read, but its nowhere near the best book to read

Stoo 07/24/2018.

Hardly. It needs a good edit. No one cares who begat whom.