If a guy truly loves his girlfriend (who in my example is virgin), when he makes love to her and its her very first time does he?

hi 08/09/2018. 6 answers
Social Science Gender Studies

Pay attention to the fact that she is nervous embarassed and in panic, and think bad things of her in his mind (like, look how stupid she is, oh a virgin girl, come to daddy he'll teach you, or 'let's see what you have under the clothes) or he just understands her discomfort and becomes emotional too,...

6 Answers

hi 08/10/2018.

Wow beautiful the answer provided by Happy Gramps! what a wise guy!! but surely his answer will receive a tons of thumbs down since our society loves promiscuity and abortion! no wonder we have such high rates of people with STD , single motherhood, divorce, abortion, etc.

Either way, regarding the question... If you indeed care about your virginity then you should save it for marriage..Now, how do you know if a guy really cares about you? if he is willing to wait until marriage then he truly loves you .. if he is not willing then he just cares about LUST and if he gets you pregnant he will encourage you to "choose" abortion.

God bless you.

choko_canyon 08/10/2018.

That would vary depending on the guy. Did you really assume that all guys are exactly the same? That they would all react alike in that circumstance?? That's really odd.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

It's likely that he is more concerned about what she thinks of his performance.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

She should be with fellow virgin, not some Chad player who sees her as a number.

Happy Gramps 08/10/2018.

if he truly loves her then there will be a marriage and NOT fornication

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

Look deep into her eyes and say "I love you".

Then, shove it all the way up her butt in one quick thrust.

You'll never forget the look in her eyes.

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