7 weeks pregnant but the baby's dad doesn't want me?

leah 08/09/2018. 6 answers
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I am pregnant with my ex's baby, we have been split up over a month but we're only together a couple months.. he never told me to get an abortion but when I went over to speak with him about it he told me his ex before me wanted to try again and he realised he wasn't fully over her and then said...

6 Answers

Pippin 08/10/2018.

So ... you decided to try for a baby with a man you were only dating for a few months, and who had just broken up with another woman.

And you are SURPRISED that he isn't on his knees asking you to marry him? Surely this is the kind of thing you would have discussed BEFORE trying for a baby ... and this is why it's sensible to wait until you are married -- or at least in a long-term stable relationship before bringing a baby into the picture.

helene 08/10/2018.

What's to understand? He's a manipulative jackass that has you thinking he's special. When they act like they're doing you a favor by having sex with you, they've won and you've lost.

I wouldn't even invite him to scans or anything.

LizB 08/10/2018.

He's making sh*t up as he goes along. When he was with you, the ex was the backburner chick. Now he's with her, so you're the backburner chick. What's so great about this guy that you're willing to be someone's back-up plan?

Tri-Harder 08/10/2018.

Again, she's not his ex. She's his current. YOU are the ex.

Jennifer Danielle 08/10/2018.

What's there not to understand?

This boy is using you for sex.

MissA 08/10/2018.

You keep posting this. What do you want us to tell you that you haven't already been told?

The thing with situations like this is that usually you *know* the right thing to do, it's just difficult because of your emotions. So if you read about a relationship and a pregnancy like this in a "Dear Abby" or "Ask Amy" column, you didn't know anyone involved... what would your advice be to that woman?

That's what you should do.

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