Help me I’m 14 and I pee the bed it’s like I wake up and it’s there no joke I’m 240 pounds work out a lot for football if that matters.?

John 08/09/2018. 9 answers
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9 Answers

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

i peed the bed as a kid and an adult.

Then I came to realize after getting rid of people and other things that bothered me that stress and anxiety were the culprit.

I haven't had an issue in years unless I was passed out drunk. I left drinking with the other stressful things.

ElizabethH 08/10/2018.

Something's wrong. See a Dr. This is between you and your parents, as they get you to the Dr and pay the bill. We don't diagnose nor provide treatments. We do suggest various diet plans.

daisymaskell59 08/10/2018.

dont be embarrassed like you cant help it! maybe try and wee before you go to sleep

k w 08/10/2018.

keep an empty FOLGERS can near the bed for you to pee in.....OLD TIMERS used to keep a chamber pot in the it's an old concept.....drink water the latest at 9 pm , and pee right before bed......prepare yourself properly and it won't be an issue...

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

You should get tested for type 1 diabetes. And also don’t drink anything for a few hours before you go to bed.

Egbert 08/10/2018.

Wear diapers.

mary 08/10/2018.

Just wear a diaper to bed. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of boys your age have this problem (see photo)

Vaxen 08/10/2018.

A diet wouldn't hurt you

Adam 08/10/2018.

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