What are atheists gaining from being on the Religion & Spirituality category?

KMR 08/09/2018. 37 answers
Society & Culture Religion & Spirituality

All you’re doing is making fun of theists and answering questions how God is a myth or how the Bible is a bunch of bullshit. Why do you do that? Why can’t you understand that there’s some people who really need help with religion and do want some advice? Instead you give bullshit answers saying how God doesn’t...

37 Answers

KMR 08/10/2018.

I don't think ANYBODY gains anything from being on the Religion and Spirituality category. People are too committed to their own beliefs to gain any benefit from posting here. Some of us post here only to mediate the extremes without any expectation of changing any minds. It's the most one can hope for in an unmoderated [read: abandoned] forum as this one is. Yahoo Answers is but a shell of its former self.

Donnie Doom 08/10/2018.

Laughing at how stupid religious people are is better than porn.

Garrett 08/10/2018.

I generally respond to those posts that are attacking me as nonreligious and have every right to do so.

ANDRE L 08/10/2018.

-There once was a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled. This time was called the Dark Ages.- Richard Lederer

We're working to prevent you deluded loonies from staging a repeat. You're welcome.

Caesar 08/10/2018.

If theist like you ask a question about the atheist or atheism why you or the other theist wonder we atheist dare to answer them... unlike your gods and their gods we are real and we can do that... People, who really need help with religion and do want some advice usually do not ask questions to an atheist or about some scientific theory here or you never saw those theists who make questions that are just rants or just plain insult to unbelievers or other religions in the R&S be honest... and stop hiding in shame with the blue face that makes any category worse.

Jeremy 08/10/2018.

There is merit in questioning if people have good reasons for the things they believe. Some religions make a concerted effort to demonize people that don't adhere to their beliefs. Beliefs impact behavior, and a person's behavior can impact the world we all share.

Publicly talking about the problems of religion and questioning this air of unquestionable facade religions pretend to have is a powerful way of promoting tolerance for atheists. Many have had their heads filled with stereotypes about atheists by their pastors and fellow Christians. It is also a way to show emotional support to people leaving their religion because they are questioning their faith (and a venue such as this might be one place that is bound to happen). If they're finding the answers that religion is offering unconvincing, they can understand they aren't alone, that the problem isn't with them, that there are other people out there who also found the stories unconvincing.

Diogenes 08/10/2018.

My long dead fundamentalist parent's clumsy attempts to brainwash me left me with deep psychological scars and bitching about it here on R&S has helped my recovery more than years of expensive psychotherapy. It's getting to the point where I can even go a whole week without remembering how much I hate their guts for using their absurd religion to ruin my childhood.

SolusLutrinae 08/10/2018.

I enjoy the intellectual exercise of the debate...and there are so many unsubstantiated theist claims that shouldn't be allowed to stand without a response.

Huh? 08/10/2018.

I can only speak for myself. I often skip questions that don't mention atheists, except where the question is asking about the existence of god.

However, since many theists try to legislate their beliefs, force the teaching of their beliefs in our public schools, or inappropriately use religion as a justification for bigotry, especially against those in the LGBTQ community, I find it acceptable for atheists and secular humanists to push back on this and other platforms. Religion is a weapon wielded against non-believers, yet christians claim they should be beyond criticism or challenge. Theists act threatened when forced to defend their faith despite their biblical obligation (1 Peter 3:15). Atheists should challenge religion whenever they feel it is necessary or appropriate, just as many christians feel it is ok for them to preach whenever they want, even at a military funeral.

Yes the Westboro church is one of yours...

Handsome Devil 08/10/2018.

Most of my answers are to address the lies religious folks tell about atheists. Beyond that I often try to add a little humor for the people who don't seem to have any in their lives.

megalomaniac 08/10/2018.

Helping others to overcome their delusions is enough gain as far as I'm concerned, but reducing the influence of superstition on public decision making benefits everyone, including myself.

GodsLOL 08/10/2018.

God believers try to make their delusions and bigotry into laws I must follow, and try to have their creation myths taught as science to my kids in public schools.

They must be fought at every turn before they usher us into another dark age.

David 08/10/2018.

Mocking religion is their religion.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

So; you want to badmouth Atheists, without getting replies that don't fit your narrow mindset? Shows how weak your opinions are.

Genuine believers (if you can find them amongst the garbage) who post serious questions rarely get attention from Atheists.

k w 08/10/2018.

successfully being a sign that the end is coming......

Word 08/10/2018.

Acceptance is the first step to getting REAL help. We're here to help people snap into reality.

Uncle Fester 08/10/2018.

Personally, I think I have matured a bit in my attitude and understanding of those who have a different view from me. I have learnt a lot. My writing has improved (before this I last wrote at school nearly 40 years ago). And it gives me something to do when my wife is watching Love Island or when I need a break from paperwork.

So totally selfish reasons mostly, on odd occasions I may have helped people or made them laugh.

Pat C. 08/10/2018.

Sweet. Maybe you will realize eventually that religion is a bunch of nonsense. You could pray for us to go away, but we both know that will do nothing.

Faithless Lives 08/10/2018.

I gaining extra magi points so I can cast a level 4 fire spell

Sh⛦dowfire 08/10/2018.

What are you gaining from asking this once per day?

Jea 08/10/2018.

I gain insight, and attempt to provide the same, and some truth. That is a rare commodity around these parts.

Jason 08/10/2018.

Tell u what, u ppl, in the past hour alone, called me a nazi, child pørn producer, murderer, communist, child molester, demon, and antichrist.

If u want me to stop responding, stop lying about me.

If u refuse to stop, pray to ur god to strike me dead so Il leave.

I challenge u to cause actions to occur against me through prayer, because we both know it won't do a damn thing.

wombatfreaks 08/10/2018.

Apparently, one "Like" is equal to a prayer, so I'm hoping for a bunch of "likes", sort of hedging my bets

Misty 08/10/2018.

The truth has to be told, it will set you free.

Broton 08/10/2018.

We're spreading truth

Peter 08/10/2018.

The way I see it, atheists that come to the R & S section have about as much credulity as straight folk going to gay bars to 'help them with their problems', get them to see reality', or simply just to ridicule them. Sad, isn't it?

jpopelish 08/10/2018.

I'm here to honestly answer questions

about atheists, atheism, agnosticism,

skepticism and science,

just to be helpful.

It is also one of my hobbies

to study the many and amazing effects

that religion memes have on the minds

they inhabit and control.

This place is a meme zoo.

I don't ask questions, here,

except as a rhetorical device

in my answers.

Thanks for asking.

If you don't mind me asking,

why are you asking this question,


Are you ashamed

to have your identity

connected with it?



John Popelish

torpex2002 08/10/2018.

Yes, theres people who want help with religion and want advice, so you won’t mind if I give mine.

Grundoon 08/10/2018.

There is no god and I am at peace

ted talks 08/10/2018.

People come to R&S to argue about religion, particularly about god's non-existence.

Sci-fighter 08/10/2018.

The satisfaction of expressing our opinion. That means a lot to some people.

Nikki 08/10/2018.

discussion advances thought in point and counter-point rhythm.

Mikey, just Mikey 08/10/2018.

We are trying to bring people back into the light of reality by pointing out the various fallacies and foibles in religion. It's admittedly an uphill battle but we soldier on nonetheless. We are just too considerate and kind to stand idly by while people throw their lives away on complete nonsense.

kate 08/10/2018.

When I see a question from a Christian asking for genuine advice, I give advice based on my experience as a Christian, which I was for most of my life. I don’t mock theists on this site; but I don’t take trolls seriously, whether they’re atheist or Christians.

People who do what you’re describing to those seeking help honestly do make this category worse. I agree. I wish more questions were genuine though. I see fewer and fewer. Most are veiled criticisms. Yours is as well. Some of mine have been in the past.

But I’m here because I like it here. It’s entertaining. And I love religion. I find it, Christianity in particular, fascinating. I listen to sermons online, I read the Bible, and I love talking to people about it. It’s an interest of mine. Not to mock or to prove is fake, but to study. To learn.

Janet 08/10/2018.

I'm an atheist.

But I respect spirituality when I see it, even in the form of a religion.

I think that religion - if properly done with humility and without selfishness or fear - IMPROVES both the individual and the society they live in.

The problem is that there is a LOT of "wrongful religion" going on. Psychologically and spiritually unhealthy.

As for God's existence ... I don't think anyone can say God exists, but I don't think anyone can say God doesn't exist either. Both sides are speaking off of prejudice and faith, and that is not the same thing as true knowledge. And it shouldn't matter.

If a belief makes you a happier, wiser, kinder person ... GOOD.

Egbert 08/10/2018.

We mostly respond to attacks and insults from theists. When you ask for it you get it.

rick 08/10/2018.

I have two goals. I hope that I can keep some kids from being mislead by religion. Next, it's kind of self defense, against the lies and misinformation about non-believers.

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