Is it true that men are generally not attracted to women who are 30+?

Marie And Alan 08/09/2018. 22 answers
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I survived a very abusive childhood and the trauma caused me to have some signs of premature aging. My hair slowly started to turn stark white at the age of 23 and now at 32 it's completely white/dry/course. I dye it regularly (every 3 weeks) just the roots to match the darker brunette color I dyed the rest. It...

22 Answers

Marie And Alan 08/10/2018.

You are still potentially attractive. No need to dye your hair as it WILL makecitvlook dry.

A gentle tinted shampoo is more than adequate.

The greatest attraction for men is YOU. Smile and be friendly. Maybe organise an evening out for a group of your work colleagues. Include some of the marrieds with their spouses so that it does not look like a dating event. Yiu may well, in thst way, get to know some of those male colleagues better......and, even more important, they will get to know YOU. Who knows where it will lead? All the best.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

Lol NO! Now I'm a widow in my 40s I get waaaay more attention from men then when I was much slimmer and in my 20s I don't know why. Like the other girl said I get way more attention than in my 20s.

They all want to boink me even if a lot of the good looking ones wouldn't date me properly they still want to boink me. I actually haven't slept with a single one since my husband died but boy I do get a lot of attention. All these young men with MILF fantasies out there. Lots of lonely older men too. I get confused and I'm missing my husband and I end up saying no because I don't know who to choose and don't really want to waste time with casual sex. I am so tempted with some of these young hot guys though. I'm considering maybe I will have a fling with one after all.

Get on the dating sites girl. Don't watch nasty YouTube videos. You can find anything nasty you want on YouTube from someone trying to make money but you can also find a lot of positive uplifting stuff on YouTube as well. Search for that instead.

Oh also apparently the number one searched term by men on porn sites if MILF

My dad in his 60s got married to a woman in her 80s too now he's 78 and she's 91!

How To Catch Stalkers 08/10/2018.

I have actually never thought about such things- but I'm pretty basic and a bit of a slob so...I'm hardly crawling around for men.

I'm sure you will find your person- if people,can find a spouse at 50 upwards,there's no reason you can't find dates at least and dates can lead anywhere.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

Be happy with your life worry about yourself if any men don’t find you attractive then move on to the next there will be one that will admire you. I have fallen with love with the ugliest girls that my friends say it don’t matter I’m telling you this cause I feel like in this world everyone has insecurities and I don’t want this to get to your head :). Plus you got out of an abusive childhood now is to live life and find a special someone.

Ad 08/10/2018.

Idk man what a weird question to ask! could somebody here please help me.?

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Anonymous 08/10/2018.

I am attracted to Candice Swanpeol and she will be turning 30 this year.

queenboo_t 08/10/2018.

I agree with everyone, there are just a few stupid men who are stuck in some sort of sick world of what is perfect based off lust concerning younger women.... that's shallow and a guy that thinks like that has questionable intentions period. I feel as if I'm just as attractive now as I was in my 20's and I haven't had trouble finding dates since my split from my husband at age 31. I'm now 38 and I haven't remarried yet and I've been dating the same guy for about 4.5 years but if I do end up back on the market, I'm still optimistic about my options and so should you.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

As long as you have a pulse and look good-could happen at any age. Some young people look horrible as well as middle and older.

It depends and varies from one to the next.

Now if you want to date just anyone-there's always somebody.

If you're more selective, those people will be also and the soup thins.

MCM 08/10/2018.

Not true

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

Probably not. Even if you look older, you can enhance you appearance, with dress sense, subtle use of cosmetics.

An upbeat personality helps, also lifestyle/mixing with people. Obviously, there are less suitors of your own age group around as you get older, so that makes it more difficult..

Cavalier 08/10/2018.

In reality, men prefer teenagers.

It’s just nature.

I’m in my 50s and there’s NO WAY l would consider going with a woman in her 30s.

l won’t even lie down with her, let alone marry her.

Why not? No need.

Why would a man go with a 30 year old if he can go with a 20 year old.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

I am 31 and female. In my 30s is where I have the most attention from me but I also started to carry myself with a lot more confidence and poise.

I also was not as hard on myself and joke around a lot so that helps men feel like they can approach you because they know if they ask you out you won't be really mean or loud or publicly humiliate them if you say no.

To be honest, I get mostly 40-50 year old men talking to me and I really wish I could get attention from men my own age.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

With young women being mostly bisexual or lesbians now, men will have to date older women

Bing Bing 08/10/2018.

Men who say that are morons. I got a Hell of a lot more attention in my early 40s than I got during *all* of my 20s.

If your hair's frizzy, get some cut off, shampoo less, and find an anti-frizz product that works.

❦50ShadesOfNaughty 08/10/2018.

I doubt it. I had a guy checking me out yesterday lol. I had premature grey hair from B12 malabsorption (in my case due to autoimmune pernicious anaemia). My hair colour changed to brown again correcting B12 levels and is still brown at age 44. I use sublingual B12 spray daily. I also found my hair was shiny after starting omega 3 (I hate all seafood lol).

Anything from aging to chronic stress lowers stomach acid. Low stomach acid leads to poor absorption of nutrients. A great video from Dr Axe on tips to improve stomach acid. Dr Axe also talks about intermittent fasting (I've been eating like this for years leangains 16:8). I added a video from Dr Berg too on autophapy (one of the many health benefits of IF).

[ Link ]

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Joel 08/10/2018.

Absolutely false. Older women can be ridiculously attractive because of their maturity and larger knowledge base.

David 08/10/2018.

Nah, it’s a myth. Women don’t usually age that much by age 30 unless they’re like a heavy smoker, drug user etc. And even if they do that they can still look beautiful. I’m in my 20s and don’t mind women having a little bit of an aged look. I don’t think they lose a significant amount until they hit their like mid-late 40s.

Lea 08/10/2018.

Not true at all. I'm in my late twenties, but a lot of my friends/ coworkers are in their 30s and they have very active dating lives (the single ones!).

Mark 08/10/2018.

Not at all at 27 I'm mostly attracted

to màturė womėn betwėėn 3O-5O years

of age don't find young, middle aged or elderly sexy.

Jackie M 08/10/2018.

Rubbish, my daughter was about 33 when she separated from her husband and had no problem dating again and finding someone else who she has been with for a few years and he is a few years older than her so stop stressing you are still you and to be honest better off being single - my mum was over 70 when dad died and a few years later she got a boyfriend and she is now 83 and he is 10 years your than her. I was 40 when I divorced and a few years later met the guy I am still with, Good Luck

rick 08/10/2018.

The men I know prefer women over 30. The baby fat is gone, and they are frequently in pretty good shape. There is less drama, and they are often capable of actually carrying on an intelligent conversation. In reality, women seem to improve with age until they plateau in their 50s. Let your hair go back to natural. Grey/white is a helluva lot prettier than dyed ANY color. Don't be in any hurry to have a permanent relationship. My kids are pretty attractive and have always been popular. #3 married at age 36, and #4 married after she was 40.

Grumpy Cat 08/10/2018.

It might be true for some men, but there are many who prefer a MILF to a young lady in her 20s. My conclusion: it really depends on the guy, so we can't generalise.

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