When the world is a smoking ruin will future historians of next intelligent species cite arguing about burkas as the beginning of the end?

Jacks Ans 08/09/2018. 17 answers
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Jacks Ans 08/10/2018.

Hell yea definitely, give me strength.


No, more like the overuse of plastics and the abject failure (or should that be the scant regard) to understand their impact on the environment including us, the human race.

Zhu 08/10/2018.

No they'll blame cars & pollution.

P 08/10/2018.


Try denial of global warming, or provoking nuclear war

ChooseYourOwnDocumentary 08/10/2018.

33rd century left wingers will call them racist for mentioning burkas

Flower 08/10/2018.

I dont understand Boris Johnson "letter box" comment that seems to be abhorrent to the British non-Muslims.

Huh? 08/10/2018.

More likely the Arab/Israeli conflict will be cited.

Land-shark 08/10/2018.

No. They will identify artificial electricity as the Dark Light and ban its development in any shape or form.

Doubtless the Reptilians will have other ideas.

blue sky 08/10/2018.

Will they also mention banned bikinis in Muslim countries

Faithless Lives 08/09/2018.

As the black smoke plumes beneath your burnt feet and the starving scream for a mercy that will never come, Arby's will do two for one curly fries.

Arby's - Sandwiches in the Abyss

Sh⛦dowfire 08/09/2018.

No, but they will look at the 2016 elections in a funny-shaped country that took up most of the northern continent in the Western Hemisphere.

Fisher King 08/11/2018.

How the fcuk would any of us know?

Mr. Interesting 08/10/2018.

Uh, doubtful.

The beginning of all ends is always the beginning of all things.

wandycakes 08/10/2018.

I think you need more medication. This time make sure it's the legal type of medication.

Siddhartha 08/10/2018.

Muslims are the end.

Vim Squeezy 08/10/2018.

This will be known as the stupidcene period, from brexit via Trump to Armageddon

Gerald 08/10/2018.

no there will be a big bang and it will all start over again its where we came from oblivion we are in hell doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes forever as you can see its pure evil

Anonymous 08/09/2018.

Don't smoke.