Why do people say “men are visual” ???

Alisa 08/09/2018. 11 answers
Social Science Gender Studies

What type of bullshit is this? So women don’t take pleasure from visually attractive things, only men do ??

11 Answers

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

Bald men, fat men are gross./

Sean 08/10/2018.

Women are 10x less sexually visual then men I don't know what u smoking. Women don't have porn addictions either and are bisexuals. When a women looks at a man she can't even tell or see how attractive he is and doesn't know if he is attractive or ugly.

Proud Deplorable 08/10/2018.

Men are way more visual than women in the sense that they get easily turned on just by seeing something they find appealing (women).

Dr. D 08/10/2018.

Yes, both men and women are visual in the sense that they notice good looks.

However, a man's sex drive will get him to thinking about sex as soon as he sees a good looking woman. For them a one night stand is still a good fantasy.

A woman will notice a good looking man and then try to gather information about him. They want to know where does he work, is he educated, does he have a good personality. If they pick up negative data about him they will drop any fantasies about sex. Women are looking for a life partner and not a one night stand.

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

Humans in general are visual. We see and assess our environment, including making opinions about other people based on what we see, not only their attractiveness, but whether they seem confident, threatening, etc. This is why feminist objectification arguments are such nonsense. Everyone who can see looks st people and forms opinions based on what they see.

When it comes to our senses, men on average may be slightly more visual than women, but it doesn’t follow women aren’t visual, they are.

Dont Call Me Dude 08/10/2018.

I always roll my eyes when I hear that shlt from people. A buddy of mine is movie-star-level good-looking. They can't fool ME, I've walked into rooms with him. I've HEARD the sudden hush fall, and I've SEEN women craning their necks to get a better look. I've seen sober women of ACCOMPLISHMENT, respected in their fields by men and women alike, including ones who SPEAK for a LIVING, stutter and act like giggling schoolgirls, just as silly as any businessman entranced by a bimbo. (No disrespect to HIM intended by that last, he's actually a really nice guy, and not at all stupid)

Social circumstances SOMETIMES make for different behaviors from men and women. And men and women will SAY different things about THEMSELVES and their motivations, and about the opposite gender, depending on what the current local social brainwashing presents as "virtuous."

But when I hear that general crap, my impulse is usually to say "Don't be an @$$."

WHEN, oh WHEN, will people understand that even REAL "general tendencies in a group" (not even counting the stupid ones some people believe by faith) ARE NOT RULES FOR INDIVIDUALS? OR EVEN NECESSARILY USEFUL FOR LOOKING AT THE GROUP? WHEN will enough people UNDERSTAND MATH and PROPORTION and LOGIC so that they know that even when something is "average" THAT CAN STILL MEAN THAT MORE THAN HALF THE TIME IT'S _NOT_ LIKE THAT???

"There are animals, peasants, and mathematicians. That's all there is." -- Robert Heinlein

I bet most committed and loyal conservative AND liberal U.S. voters would totally flunk a statistics class. Certainly most feminists and active anti-feminists would.

Mad Luv 08/10/2018.

unless yoru dumb you include content. so i assume yhour young and not dumb.

Men get turned on by visuals quicker than any other gender. it's doesnt' mean women don't. it don't mean all men do. it means over all most men get an excited by seeing things.

if you feel you don't get excited by seeing things then go blind and have sex.

as a women i'm sort of visual i love seeing a naked man now it won't get to me to the poin where i want to tare off my blothing but it will get me wanting to have sex with you. just not horney

Anonymous 08/10/2018.

It depends on what they are talking about when they say visual. I said just yesterday "I'm a visual learner." That means I learn by seeing. So someone who says "Men are visual" are not making themselves very clear in what they are trying to say.

If what you mean men are only attracted to someone by how they look then you are wrong there too. Each an every man is different. Let's say Luke starts dating Cathy & he says to his friends that Cathy is the most beautiful woman in the world. Well, later Luke introduces Cathy to his buddy Don and Don thinks Cathy is ugly. He can't see why in the world Luke would find someone like Cathy is beautiful.

One prime example I always give is actor Tom Cruise. I grew up in the 80s and many women & teen girls I knew thought he was hot and sexy. I didn't see it at all. I found him very unattractive, especially his eyes which most women said were his best feature. I have had an attraction to some male celebrities and my friends would think I was out of mind. But, again we all see people different. Like a close family member of mine was telling me how hot and sexy her boyfriend was and when I saw him I actually though he was a friend who gave her a ride and was stunned the man she brought to my house was her boyfriend. I sure wouldn't describe him as sexy. But, oh well she sure did and they've been married over 15yrs.

Think about it, if we all saw beauty the same way only a certain amount of people would get together.

Blue Sky 08/10/2018.

Both men and women are visual, I just think men are more visual on average.

The First Dragon 08/10/2018.

Every person is different.

And I suppose everybody likes to look at attractive things.

What people mean is that men are physically programmed to respond sexually to, for instance, a woman's leg. Women don't generally get turned on in quite that way.

J 08/10/2018.

no both are visual, but men we focus more on that yes women also do of course but some other factors become more important for them than just the looks. Women are turned on more by other trades, confidence etc men are turn on just by looking a set of boobs.

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