Do you believe that Trump spreads the politics of hate?

gab 08/09/2018 at 17:50. 11 answers
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11 Answers

Anonymous 08/10/2018 at 11:42.

That would be islam

Shadow Oxide 08/10/2018 at 02:01.

No. He is just a buffoonish demagogue.

John 08/10/2018 at 02:01.

Yes indeed!

His ill-judged actions and outrageously untrue pronouncements are fast turning the USA into a pariah state!

Hoekom Jy My Haat 08/10/2018 at 02:01.

Are you liberal sheep still bleeting about Hillary's loss and Trump's win. Get over it and get an effin' life. We put up with eight years of Obama, you can put up with eight years of Trump. Don't give yourself aggida!

blue sky 08/10/2018 at 02:01.

He is refreshing. He tells it has it is..not like our bleeding weak sheep of politicians

Anonymous 08/10/2018 at 01:01.

trump is playing to his fan base, just like Adolf Hitler and Emmerson Mnangagwa

Nāga 08/10/2018 at 01:01.

No, but that's how the MSM is painting it. Trump isn't the devil, and Obama wasn't an angel - both are somewhere inbetween.

Siddhartha 08/10/2018 at 01:01.

No, the politics of hate stem from Liberal policies that are turning the USA into a Sh*thole nation.

megalomaniac 08/10/2018 at 01:01.

No doubt about it whatsoever. No doubt. None.

Anonymous 08/10/2018 at 01:01.

Belief has nothing to do with it. That's exactly what he's doing.

Den 08/10/2018 at 02:01.

He does by persistently repeating blatant lies about minorities from right and far-right sources. His claim that Syrian refugees coming to the US were poorly-vetted and mainly military age single males was totally untrue for example. That only had some truth in Europe.