What do you make of this manager at Chick fil a?

Casey Y 08/09/2018. 7 answers
Business & Finance Careers & Employment

he interviewed me Monday, and I got a email Monday evening to do my on board paper work. my I 9 and everything, my hours I can work, everything. They sent me an email last night saying to come in today for a uniform fitting and monday is orientation. I go over there and the manager tells me he only has a late night...

7 Answers

Casey Y 08/10/2018.

I would bet it wasn't your appearance, but rather the other candidates were more qualified for customer facing positions due to experience.

curtisports2 08/10/2018.

'After making me think I had a job.'

A dishwasher opening IS a job. Don't want it, don't take it. Show them that you are a hard worker with a good attitude and you won't be a dishwasher for too long.

David B. 08/10/2018.

I think you are assuming something that may be completely wrong. It is possible that they gave the two other jobs to people that were more qualified than you are. It may have absolutely nothing to do with your appearance. Do you need a job or not? If you take the one that is available and do a good job and have a positive attitude they may give you the one you really want as soon as someone leaves.

A Hunch 08/10/2018.

They made you think they had "a job" IF your schedule met there requirements.

And it appears that you DO have a job if you are willing to work the schedule that they need.

- do you have schedule restrictions that would have limited your day time availability?

Or how long did it take you to complete the new hire paperwork? Is it possible that other people completed it sooner or came for the fitting earlier?

Miffena Rodriguez 08/10/2018.

You may have understood wrongly about their other requirements.Maybe they only did have a dishwasher position open.

There are ageist people and industries, the fast food services are one of them.Anyways,I don't think you've lost out on anything,would you even want to work at a snobby place like that? It's way better to work in an environment where people are nice and friendly!

Good luck,I'm sure something positive will work out for you soon.

Martygeorge 08/10/2018.

Dishwasher is still a job,maybe your reading to much into it,but if you wanted something better then turn down what was offered you and look elsewhere.

Salad 08/10/2018.

Why don't you post a picture if you are going to ask if people think you're ugly or have an ugly appearance? It doesn't make much sense to post this question otherwise.

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