Why does this guy keep asking me for another picture?

Donnie Doom 08/08/2018. 13 answers
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I sent this guy a picture of me wearing a bra. (My face wasn't in the picture). He said he really liked it and he wants another one. I'm not sure why he wants another one.

13 Answers

Donnie Doom 08/10/2018.

He forgot to pay his phone and internet bills and he doesn't have any sticky notes nearby to write his reminders on.

Discordian Harmony 08/09/2018.

Guys like him prey on the insecure girls with low self-esteem. He is asking you for another picture because you are weak and easy to manipulate. Have fun being exploited.

Edit: If you want to know if he wants to fuc k you, just ask him already. Asking a bunch of internet strangers is a massive waste of time

Proud Deplorable 08/09/2018.

Why is this even a question? He wants more because he liked your breasts..

Bertsta 08/09/2018.

More is better

Doug 08/09/2018.

He is just keeping you on the line for hopes that nudes will eventually be sent, where then he would abuse them and make bank on it. How would you not know that by now?

pit bulls bite 08/09/2018.

for masterbating

y 08/09/2018.

Yes you are, that is why you asked anomalously. You know he will keep asking, keeping working up how good looking you are and such, keep encouraging you to shed more and more clothing, and if what is all over the electronic world is any indication. You'll go right along with him.

Foofa 08/09/2018.

Some guys will push and push for more and more graphic pics. Then they'll either distributed these all over the web just to enhance their own reputations or they'll use them to blackmail you. There is no upside whatsoever to sending compromising photos to someone you're not already seriously dating or marriage to.

Russ in NOVA 08/09/2018.

Because he is hoping to drag you down that slippery slope and it makes him fell like he has control and power if you send him less that PG photos whenever he asks. You already made one mistake. Just because your face wasn't in the picture doesn't mean he can't pull one from facebook and photoshop it and us it to humiliate you. I would advise you tell him to bugger off.

Rick B 08/09/2018.

You can't be this stupid.

Anonymous 08/09/2018.

Be careful most guys post pics of their girlfreind on porn sites So don't be that victim

don't hang out with him. Im not joking

The Lord Humungus. 08/09/2018.

He is hoping for even more flesh.

Remy 08/09/2018.

Tell him to stop.