How do people get mills and lathes in their garage?

disturbed 08/08/2018. 10 answers
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I frequently go to estate sales and see very nice mills and lathes being sold for pennies on the dollar I've seen pristine, relatively new, manual lathes go for as little as $1500. Im a machinist myself, but my question is - HOW THE HELL DO THEY GET THEM IN THERE?

bridgeport mills weigh about 1 ton, and...

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FlagMichael 08/10/2018.

My friend hired a fork lift for his large machine tools.

james 08/10/2018.

It is quit simple. Back the trailer up as close as you can. Unbolt machine from floor. Jack up with a jack. Slide a narrow pallet under 1 end. Do other end same. Move it with 2 hand jacks. To ramp. on trailer. Pull it onto the trailer with a come a long. Use come a long to control how fast it comes of the trailer is the trick.

DR + Mrs Bears face 08/10/2018.

Hi simple sunshine the seller will deliver it and sometimes even wire it up for you. strange question yes the removal when you move house is the real headache.

Rona Lachat 08/09/2018.

MANY ways

Lots of hands to help with the lift.

On a wheeled cart/platform

Assembled on site or before the room they are in is completely finished.

Small crane on the back of delivery truck, pallet jack Rolling it over some metal bars Re-bar would work

The older generation were so clever and did not need an app to do things.

One ton 2000 pounds not that hard with the right stuff and some extra hands to assist. Lifting for a few seconds getting the wheels on or off not the same as carrying it some distance.

Lift one end insert wheels place a block lift other end more wheels and PUSH.

Your local mover has stuff to move larger things Looks like the cart a mechanic uses when under your car. a set of four wheels at each end

Something like this
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Grandpa may have borrowed or rented some item similar to what you use in your shop. Neighbors more likely to offer a hand to assist for a few hours to get it off the truck and into place.

It may have taken many days to get it in place. One reason they never wanted to move it out.

Multi pulleys a few chains a winch to lift and drag. LOOK UP you may see the evidence of method used to move it in.

You could use something similar to what mechanics use to move an engine around a shop.
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Here you go a 30 second search on you tube.
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Seriously the ancients moved very heavy stuff without modern equipment.

don r 08/09/2018.

Use a fork lift and dolly.

JetDoc 08/09/2018.

If it's a fairly smooth, level floor you can use a pallet jack to your move machines. As a truck driver, I have used hydraulic pallet jacks that were rated for up to 8,000 lbs.

Anonymous 08/09/2018.

Money. If you have money, you can call a moving company and let them do the worrying.

Anonymous 08/09/2018.

In my experience, they get delivered and the delivery company provides the equipment and manpower to place them. My brother-in-law filled his garage with his tools, back when he did custom work, and just paid the extra fees for the delivery company to take care of it. His philosophy was that if there were any problems or damages, the company's insurance would cover it. He didn't want to mess with renting forklifts and possibly messing up his new equipment.

PickleRix 08/09/2018.

I rented a two ton shop crane which can be towed behind a car. You lift the lathe or mill out of the back of your truck and wheel it into position in the garage. There are companies that will move the equipment for you but they aren't cheap. Some people have completely disassembled their machine tools and reassembled the tools in the basement. Of course, my mill is smaller than a Bridgeport but it still weighs 600 lbs.

Joe 08/09/2018.

Piano movers are often the "go to" guys for heavy machine tools in residential properties.