Is buying stock in rival companies possible or legal? Been thinking of getting into the stock market.?

Anonymous 08/08/2018. 10 answers
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Trying to do my research before getting a financial advisor.

Example: Pepsi and Coke

Disney and Time Warner

Marvel and DC

so on and so on.

10 Answers

Anonymous 08/12/2018.

Coke and Pepsi are the same thing

Ankit 08/12/2018.

is i no stock is better and good work.

JoJo Potatoes 08/12/2018.

You can do this

Anonymous 08/12/2018.

Why should in NOT BE POSSIBLE OR LEGAL? Having a GLOBAL view of the industry helps you make better decisions. You also need foresight, the ability to guess correctly and when to FOLD THEM, WALK AWAY OR RUN. You will get stung more times than making a Gain...plan on it. That is why not everyone is in the stock market investing. It is a gamble.

Maybe you would be better off betting on the Ponies.

plumdumplings 08/12/2018.

Generally speaking, there is no law against that. However, depending on who you work for and what your job is - your employer may have some conditions that you could even have signed your approval of in your contract. I would suggest checking with your compliance department if you are in any banking role or with HR (I think that's your best bet) in other industries.

tiescore 08/12/2018.

Sure its called a Stock Merger....

Pascal the Gambler 08/12/2018.

Of course it's both possible and legal.

Eva 08/12/2018.

Of course it is. There are no restrictions on what companies you can purchase.

Michael 08/12/2018.

Buying stock in rival companies is both possible and perfectly legal.

Mark 08/12/2018.

If you're talking about diversifying your holdings then you need to have all sectors, Tech, Financials, etc., invested in.