Hello how do I install office 365?

Jerome 08/08/2018. 6 answers
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6 Answers

Nonya 08/09/2018.

Never heard of it

Cuckservative Values 08/09/2018.

Google your question. Then, Follow the instructions

AJ 08/09/2018.

log into your O365 account and click the install button

opurt 08/08/2018.

Go to and sign in with your Microsoft Account that has a license for Office 365, then click Install Office. If you don't already have an Office license, the same place will allow you to buy one.

VP 08/08/2018.

One way is to visit the Microsoft Store: [ Microsoft.com Link ]

Jiraiya The Gallant 08/08/2018.

You need to buy it to install it.

There is other free softwares you download (open office)