Anyone know if it's illegal to mount a different set of tires on a car (not the tires purchased),without the owner's consent?

Jane 08/07/2018. 9 answers
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I bought a set of all terrain tires & discovered that highway tires (different Product #) were mounted. The tires I purchased were out of stock & I just discovered what they did. Is this illegal?


9 Answers

teuky 08/08/2018.

This action will only be illegal if the shop allows the vehicle to leave the shop on the wrong tires. Many shops will do this trick, put a different set (that is in stock) on the vehicle and keep the vehicle in the air. When the customer returns the shop (should) explains about not having the requested set of tires in stock, and hopes to save the sale by offering a different tire. The new tire almost always gets discounted to appease the customer, whether the new tires are more or less expensive than the original request. This could be considered a Bait & Switch Tactic, but in tire shops it can be quite difficult to maintain an accurate count of tires in a big warehouse. A shop should NEVER roll your vehicle out of the bay with the wrong tires installed. Of course, a phone call to the customer would often alleviate these situations, or keep them from being necessary in some minds.

Scott 08/08/2018.

No, putting different size tires on the car is not illegal. However, it can be illegal to sell a person one thing and deliver another. The tire shop likely just made a mistake or didn't have the proper size in stock. Talk to them and find out why you got different tires than you thought you were getting.

don r 08/08/2018.

It is fraud. They bought and approved one thing and it was switched without their agreement. If cheaper quality, that is stealing.

regerugged 08/08/2018.

it is not illegal. But it amounts to bait and switch. Compare the cost and quality of the tires to see if the tires were, or were not, equivalent.

ANDRE L 08/08/2018.

No, it's not illegal. It's likely a mistake that the shop made. Call them up and take your bill over to get the matter corrected.

Anonymous 08/08/2018.

return to shop you bought them

Kelsey 08/08/2018.

Not sure if it's illegal but you could certainly get some sorta refund or cash back since you paid for one product and they gave you another without confirming with you.

Jimmy C 08/08/2018.

Yes. Go back and demand the right ones.

Metalplanttag 08/08/2018.

Without the owners consent - yes. It could be called vandalism or if you bought them for your car from a tire place and they put on a different tire that would be called bait and switch which is illegal as it is a type of fraud.