When you are a small business can you purchase from another business then resell at higher prices to a new customer?

lucille 08/07/2018. 6 answers
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I deal in vintage pyrex people ask me to look for things

I buy off of ebay then sell to my customer with a profit?

6 Answers

Jay 08/09/2018.

Yes. That is what business is. You buy something from someone at one price and you sell it to another person at...hopefully ...a MUCH HIGHER PRICE.

Look around and see if you can find a copy of How to Create Fund and Start Your Own Business. You can probably find a used copy cheap..it has been around awhile.

Judy 08/09/2018.

You can try. It's legal.

Mark 08/08/2018.

Of course. That's basically what all retailers do. They buy from a supplier and sell to a customer.

BullRooster 08/08/2018.

Sure, happens all the time. So long as you pay taxes on the profits and follow all the laws this is perfectly fine.

Wayne Z 08/08/2018.


That is pretty much the definition of Capitalism.

Doug 08/08/2018.

Not without good music
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