Is the Great White Shark truly related to the Megaladon?

Stephen M 08/06/2018. 10 answers
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If the Great White Shark is the ascendant of the Megaladon (the Prehistoric 60 foot shark that is extinct) how is this possible?

After watching Shark Week 2018, it got me thinking. How could the Modern Great White come about, if it's predecessor - is no more?

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MARK 08/07/2018.

Think about this. You are descended from your great-great-great-grandfathers. They are no longer living. Their demise does not prevent you being descended from them.

poldi2 08/07/2018.


Elaine M 08/07/2018.

All sharks are related, but each species develops along their own species line.

Google 'shark family tree evolution'.
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Ray 08/07/2018.

Every animal species today is a cousin, not an ancestor. No animal has stopped evolving, some have simply found a niche they can specialize in which leads to minor mutational changes in the species.

Megaladon is a cousin of the great white, and a far off at that. Megaladon teeth and GWS teeth have a major difference in the neck of the teeth which suggest their last common ancestor lived well over 100 million years ago. Many shark species, to fill a similar niche, likely looked similar but were not as closely related as some may think. New studies suggest GWS are more closely related to smaller mako sharks than to ancient Meg's.

Smeghead 08/07/2018.

Perhaps you should look up "predecessor" in the dictionary, Sherlock.

daniel g 08/07/2018.

A different genus and species altogether, the closest relation, is class Chondrichthyes.

Not that they don't have some common ancestor long extinct, the megalodon has been extinct for some 1.4 million years.

All modern animals are descendants of some now extinct ancestor.

Gray Bold 08/07/2018.

Possibly a descendant. The original hypothesis for the great white's origins is that it shares a common ancestor with a prehistoric shark, such as the C. megalodon. C. megalodon had teeth that were superficially not too dissimilar with those of great white sharks, but its teeth were far larger. Although cartilaginous skeletons do not fossilize, C. megalodon is estimated to have been considerably larger than the great white shark, estimated at up to 17 m (56 ft) and 59,413 kg (130,983 lb). Similarities among the physical remains and the extreme size of both the great white and C. megalodon led many scientists to believe these sharks were closely related.

choko_canyon 08/07/2018.

Every predecessor is gone. Humans and apes evolved from a common ancestor that is now extinct. Birds evolved from dinosaurs, which are now extinct. The new forms that derive from the now-extinct forms are more survivable, so they carry those survivable genes to the next generation while the predecessor dies out. That's how evolution works.

JazSinc 08/07/2018.

Is the human being truly related to the Neanderthal? How could the modern human being come about if its predecessors are no more?

Jonathan 08/07/2018.

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