What is UTC+01 in EST?

Mark 08/06/2018. 7 answers
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William 08/07/2018.


MARK 08/07/2018.

EST is UTC-5. Therefore, a time that is UTC+1 would in EST be UTC(5+1), i.e. UTC-6. Therefore, 7 a.m. (UTC+1) would six hours earlier in EST, i.e. 1 am.

I have simply answered your direct question. I have not considered the effects of daylight saving time in any time zone.

poldi2 08/07/2018.

Eastern Standard Time is UTC-5. So 6:00 UTC is 1:00 EST.

UTC + 1 would be 2:00 EST.

busterwasmycat 08/07/2018.

EST+6, I believe. That is, EST is UST-5, so UST is EST+5. UST + 1 = EST+5 +1.

Bill-M 08/06/2018.

EST = Eastern Standard Time. It is in time zone GMT-5 (

UTC+1 is the same as GMT+1 Since UTC and GMT are the same.

Now you know the actual time zone number just add or subtract. 5 + 1 is 6. So there is a six hour difference between UTC+1 and EST. UTC+1 is SIX Hours AHEAD.

So if it is 12 NOON in New York City it would be 1800 (6PM) at UTC+01

Alan 08/06/2018.

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) is UTC - 4 hours

Eastern Standard Time (EST) is UTC - 5 hours

so EST (which is not happenning now ) is 6 hours behind UTC + 1 Hour

so currently EDT, UTC + 1 is 5 hours ahead of EDT (

In December when we are back in standard time, UTC + 1 will be 6 hours behind UTC +1

so now it is 3:06 PM EDT and it is 8:06 PM UTC +1

but if the place that has UTC +1 hour also has Daylight Saving Time, then it is 9:06 PM

derfram 08/06/2018.

EST is UTC - 5, so there is a 6 hour difference.

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