If I were to open up a business, which type of business would be the easiest to uphold and make money? Suggestions much appreciated?

Natasha 08/06/2018. 8 answers
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8 Answers

Jay 08/08/2018.

Food Truck.

Check Fiverr.

Stacie 08/06/2018.

Open a online business as well as your business. Check out lddy.co/2k9b and printful.com/a/Mj until you figure this out

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DR + Mrs Bears face 08/06/2018.

It depends on your own skills and knowledge.

Success 08/06/2018.

Check the Excellence-Success site or the your harmonic resonance site for start up ideas.

John 08/06/2018.

Ah, Monday.... Dreamer day. It is 100 times more difficult to own a successful business than it is to have a job. If you have $50K available then we have something to talk about. Otherwise not.

? 08/06/2018.

Cleaning business as people are always looking for cleaners for house or office cleaning

Doug 08/06/2018.

A bar with a light menu. Include latte and all that, a barista, and also have milk shakes and more like it.

Anonymous 08/06/2018.

No business is easy. There's no easy way to make money. Maybe prostitution or porn.