Are there limits to human creativity?

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elj2017c 08/08/2018.

At present we're limited because we are finite creatures. When God changes that by means of his kingdom government and everyone is brought to perfection, there will be no limitations on what the human mind will be able to create. Under Jesus’ direction, humankind will be brought to perfection. There will no longer be any suffering because “God himself will be with them” and will erase “every tear from their eyes.” Human imperfection and suffering will soon be a thing of the past; “the righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.”—Psalm 37:29.

Weasel McWeasel 08/08/2018.

the difference between Genius and stupidity is that Genius has it's limits.

☼ GƖơώ ✞ Ѡɪηǥs ☼ 08/07/2018.

When creativity is gifted to an individual and, he uses it not for personal gain, there are no boundaries. :D

j 08/06/2018.

Limits include laws of Energy, and attitudes and abilities of humans.

Source: Creation: Artistic and Spiritual.

small 08/06/2018.

Our creativity is minuscule in the face of huge insurmountable Nature that rules our world...... our endeavors are like nibbling a bit here and a bit there once in a while.

Even presuming commendable creativity considering how we defied Nature by making machines to fly not only in the air but also in space, the fact remains that our priorities are hugely lopsided whereby we are examining the soil on Mars on the one hand whereas on the other hand, we can't find cure for several deadly diseases here on earth nor are we able to eradicate poverty and injustice.

Not to forget how we have been knowingly harming the Environment continuously, as we keep fighting among ourselves as to which nation needs to sacrifice current comfort for ensuring future security of mankind as a whole.

Be that as it may, the ultimate truth is that our imagination is limitless so that all our creativity ought necessarily to lag behind.

peter m 08/06/2018.

Environmental Philosophy (= philosophy problems) is closely tied-in with our present world, and also therefore

our world's creativity too.

Are there limits to the problems that are serious (& require our work) ?


Worthwhile problems are & have been "the stock" of philosophy throughout the ages,

and we are the better for correctly identifying & explaining such problems.

Using our creative abilities in working & explaining the solutions.

Maximus Williamitis 08/06/2018.

With the advent of CGI, you can create 'anything'; so, I would say the only limitation would be costs.

Elaine M 08/06/2018.

Other than the ones we put on ourselves? Yes.






Josh Alfred 08/06/2018.

In physical reality, yes, in virtual reality, no.

JosephV 08/06/2018.

There is no limit to the possibilities that are available for the intelligent and disciplined mind.

Bemo 08/12/2018.

Creativity is the way we survive so I hope there is never-ending human creativity. Creativity is how the Pioneers survived, how POWs escaped, wars were won... where there is need there will be creativity Long live creativity and ingenuity!

Irene 08/07/2018.

No, it's a matter of self-interest.

Rise&Stiff 08/07/2018.

there will be someone

like Steve Jobs in another

thousand years...............

i.e. yet another human genius

Mr. Interesting 08/06/2018.


Dennis Sagt 08/06/2018.

Yes, man is finite.

sam 08/06/2018.

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