Do you feel being robbed at some point is a part of operating a business?

eatbabyseals 08/05/2018. 10 answers
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Erik 08/08/2018.

I would say no, especially in a safe area. I work in Santa Monica, and the Domino's I work at was robbed once, very late at night, many, many, many years ago. Even the drivers almost never get robbed (maybe once every five years, on average). The 7-11 three doors down has never been robbed. So personally I think it's not inevitable.

Casey Y 08/08/2018.

Cash heavy business or open 24/7...yup.

Raymond L. 08/07/2018.

Depends on the business.

If it's a bar or an armored car service u bet.

John 08/07/2018.

No but it is an inherent risk. Handling risk is part of doing business.

BullRooster 08/06/2018.

Do you mean this literally or as a metaphor (like your employees and clients are taking advantage of you and metaphorically robbing you). If you mean literally then it depends on the business and where you operate. If you mean do I feel that my clients (in this case tenants) and some of the people I deal with are robbing me? Then its a resounding yes. Still, I feel like this is jsut how business runs - get rid of the tenants who are taking advantage of you and don't rehire the contractors who take advantage of you and it all works out ok in the end.

Elaine M 08/06/2018.

One never wants that to happen.

Doug 08/06/2018.

Yes, we are all robbed completely by the price put on the shelf for the majority of products, it is ALL HAIL CAPITALISM so on your knees mother fu*ker.

Anonymous 08/06/2018.

No being raped is.

oikoσ 08/06/2018.

Only if you do business with Donald Trump.

xaing9 08/06/2018.


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