Is it legal or ok to sell another company's product on a platform such as ebay, without ever actually purchasing the item and owning it?

robert 08/05/2018. 10 answers
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curtisports2 08/08/2018.

It's called dropshipping. It's legal but it's risky. Selling items you do not have physically 'in-hand' can bite you in the backside if your suppliers fail to timely deliver the product. Reversed sales with money returned to buyer, negative feedback. Enough of that and eBay can suspend your ability to sell.

Success 08/08/2018.

That is pretty much the definition of dropshipping.

David 14 08/08/2018.

No. It violates their rules

Judy 08/06/2018.

You have to purchase the goods you sell. If you're talking about drop shipping, that's legal, but you purchase the product, just don't take physical possession of it. The dropshipper ships it directly to our customer.

NA 08/05/2018.

If you do not have possession of the item (that is, if you sell one, you order it from and indicate it is a gift), you are required by eBay to mention IN YOUR LISTING that you do not actually have in in your possession.

Second, when the buyer gets the item and sees that you bought it off of and had it directly shipped to them, they will invariably leave you a neutral and out your practice. (They can also figure out what you made in profit.)

Third, if the website you planned to buy from is out of stock, it won't be a neutral but a neg.

Fourth, eBay expects you to pay for the item out of your own pocket. eBay can take up to 3 weeks to release the funds.

robert 08/05/2018.

Thanks for everybody's comments and help! much appreciated!

queen bry 08/05/2018.

Yes, it's actually recommended

Anonymous 08/05/2018.

It's legal and ok

Laura 08/05/2018.

So you would put up a product, sell it, collect the money, and the customer would never get the item?

No, its not legal, and it violates the terms of every selling site.

If you are a middle man, where you are selling an item and the customer will get the item, but you are not the one who sends it, then its perfectly fine.

Kirk 08/05/2018.

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