How can you invest 6,000 dollars?

Nash 08/03/2018. 8 answers
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8 Answers

Jamie 08/05/2018.

buy an old car

Taj 08/05/2018.

start multi level marketing

kswck2 08/04/2018.

Few more details needed. For how long? What is Your interest? What kind of Yield do you expect? Taxable or not?

Uncle Pennybags 08/04/2018.

What is the goal of this investment? When will it be needed again? Without knowing that, likely anything we tell you will be wrong.

Doug 08/04/2018.

A mutual fund for one purchase, then just leave it alone for at least 5 years. At that point, I would gauge the bond market and look into switching it all to that if the markets are going to tank, though really, you could buy bonds now too, just to be safe for it.

don r 08/04/2018.

Many ways, but it's not a lot of money, so avoid risk. The guaranteed way to make a little money is to buy a 5 year CD with it and get the highest interest one available- about 3%, and that'll get you about $1000. The other thing you might do instead, is pay off all your bills.

martin 08/04/2018.

Savings account. Investing is a gamble.

Anonymous 08/04/2018.

Put it in the bank