Am i pregnant?

a0w 08/03/2018. 8 answers
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me and my husband have been trying for a baby for awhile but we usually don t keep track of my fertile days i do have irregular periods but i always get my period every month this month i didn t get it i took a test and it came back negative could there be other reasons i m late?

8 Answers

a0w 08/14/2018.

You need to take fertility medicine, that will increase the chance of pregnancy.

Anonymous 08/12/2018.

"i do have irregular periods"

Then have irregular sex!

Unit 08/10/2018.

Don't want to be the âsshole here, but most human pregnancies end in miscarriage. Wait a while before you hope.

Arleth 08/10/2018.

Take another test because mine came negative even if I took test it eould come out negative till I got a blood test and it was positive I was 5 weeks pregnant fue on February 2019 baby dust goes to you sweetie ❤️❤️

marys.momma 08/03/2018.

You could take another test every four or five days, until either your period arrives or the test comes back positive. Sometimes it takes a number of days before pregnancy hormones rise to a detectable level.

Best of luck! You'll really appreciate having a baby on the way, since you've wished for it so long.

God 08/03/2018.

Wait a week and do another test.

Suzy Q 08/03/2018.

But ARE you late? If you're irregular and tending to longer than 30 day cycles, you will inevitably have a calendar month without a period once in a while.

How many days since your last period started? Is that more or less than your longer cycle in the past year?

Remy 08/03/2018.

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