Things that Americans don't know?

Bill-M 08/02/2018. 6 answers
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1. Bulgaria and Belarus are two different countries.

2. Bulgaria was not part of the Soviet Union, or even borders Russia for that matter.

3. Bulgaria is the original Slavic country. Russia stole the Cyrillic alphabet from Bulgaria.

6 Answers

Bill-M 08/03/2018.

Other things Americans don't know = The difference between Austria and Australia.

Anonymous 08/03/2018.

Bulgaria actually petitioned Moscow to be able to join the USSR back in the 1960s and was denied.

MARK 08/03/2018.

You are only correct on points 1 and 2. Bulgaria and Belarus are two different countries. Bulgaria was not a part of the former USSR. However, it was under Soviet influence was was a puppet state of the Soviet regime. Indeed, it was considered one of the most loyal states to the USSR.

You conflate two separate things in your third point. Very few languages in the world have an alphabet that is unique to it. You can equally accuse English of stealing its alphabet from Latin. A sensible person would not. It is simply a puerile claim.

The Bulgarians were most definitely not the first Slavs. Indeed, they are not pure Slavs unlike the Russians. Bulgarians are of mixed origin.

Dan 08/03/2018.

I thought Bulgaria and Belarus merged and formed Belgium.

Kenny 08/03/2018.

Well alright then .

Dmitri 08/03/2018.

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