How does the Chinese spammer think about all their posts being reported or moved to China?

Guru Hank 07/28/2018. 5 answers
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5 Answers

Guru Hank 07/26/2018.

No reason to believe the spammer is Chinese. The spambot is reading off a Chinese site, but the spammer could just as easily have set it to read off an Indian or Russian one.

Everard 07/26/2018.

I don't think he cares


Happy Gramps 07/26/2018.

reporting does no good.............I reported about 300 before this daily onslaught began, all to no avail

Brian, a Christian 07/26/2018.

I report them and get my reporting reputation up... just in case :).

I am sure they are getting paid either way. They don't care. Just mindless keyboard pushers.

Anonymous 07/26/2018.

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