Describe a time you helped a team reach their objective. What was your role? What was the outcome?

Alena 07/26/2018. 5 answers
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TALCENNAU 09/19/2018.

i paid for mini-bus so that a team

of ten year old boys could play in a

rugby competition in another part of the country

they brought home the bacon ["winners cup"]

newbie 07/19/2018.

Played dodgeball by throwing balls to hit targets

Tina 07/19/2018.

This looks weirdly like a question for a cv. Is it?

RICHARD 07/19/2018.

I'm all for teamwork, but I believe within a team there needs to be individual accountability. I do not handle being faulted for someone else's failure to participate. If someone can't accomplish their tasks, I am willing to jump in and assist, but this is where communication becomes important. Don't wait until a task has failed to inform the group there is a problem. Worse, when asked how things are moving along, don't say everything is fine, only to tell everyone the job isn't done when it's too late to intervene.

Because I've been part of teams that failed to complete projects, I wound up taking on a leadership role where I kept track of what needed to happen when, and had reminders to check progress, and flagged tasks to know if something isn't completed by that time, intervention was necessary to complete the task in order to ensure other tasks dependent on that task wouldn't be delayed.

I did pretty well doing that, and was made a full time project manager.

TexHabs 07/19/2018.

A couple of summers ago, I had a class in which many including myself were struggling, especially with exams,

due to our teacher answering personal calls during them. (It's bad enough to do so during a lecture, but not cool

during an exam which requires concentration from students eh) Out of options & not having the guts to apologize

he encouraging us to do an extra credit assignment: Look up also write down definitions to about 1000 words and

other terminology relevant to the course. When giving him my project (after waiting in line for about two hours as

there were about 50 of us in the class) in he barely skimmed through it, looking at random words on random pages.

I did get the points, which ensured that I would get a C, but had he been more professional (especially as his syllabus

clearly stated students must keep their phones off during class and he'd do the same) it wouldn't have been necessary. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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