Can anyone help me with this?

Mary 07/19/2018. 7 answers
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Call my crazy but today I had a vision of me standing on stage, doing a performance. But the thing is, in real life I would never get up and sing on stage. So why would I have this vision/dream?

7 Answers

retired old sarge 07/20/2018.

You need to be doing it NAKED...

Jennifer 07/20/2018.

Buy a dream dictionary and start writing down your dreams.

elj2017c 07/20/2018.

Perhaps it's your mind urging you to give it a try, sort of a secret fantasy.

Cogito 07/20/2018.

It's just a little fantasy - most people have them.

It's just your mind thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice if I was this confident and talented?"

Jo King 07/20/2018.

That's not crazy that is just you fantasising about something that is "cool" to you.

David 07/20/2018.

Sometimes dreams come true.

Tina 07/20/2018.

It's quite a common dream but usually something is going horribly wrong. I once dreamed I was standing in the wings, in full costume, waiting for my cue...but the performance was 'Tosca' and apart from this being extremely unlikely casting for me, I knew I didn't know the words or the music (why this had not been picked up in rehearsal did not occur to me).

If you dreamed you were on stage, in the right costume, the theatre wasn't on fire and your opposite number hadn't turned into a duck, then it's probably a good omen.