Can I do musical theatre without dance experience?

Annie Upland 07/17/2018. 8 answers
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I really want to do theatre but I'm useless at dancing. I just started lessons but my body is so stiff lol! Do you think I'll get anywhere if I lack dance experience?

8 Answers

Annie Upland 07/20/2018.

Yes! Not every role requires extensive dance training. Just make sure when you are at dance auditions you smile and pretend like you know what your doing :) A lot of Broadway/national tour shows have chorus calls separately for singers and for dancers, though they expect their performers are decent at both. Keep taking dance classes, too. Many musical theatre actors aren't en pointe or anything, but any training will help!

lexi 07/20/2018.

Depends what play or role you are in. If you are in say Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat it so heavily relies on dance but if you did a show like heathers you wouldn’t need any experience. Now if you are talking professional yes you do

Anonymous 07/20/2018.

Find a dancing instructor and it all depends which type of dance you wanna specialize in

Cogito 07/20/2018.

You're never going to get any further than amateur community theatre MT shows if you can't act, sing and dance really well.

At a professional level, all the performers, with the exception of a few 'famous' names, brought in to boost ticket sales, are excellent and highly trained at all three disciplines.

But at a local level, they're often happy to use people who can't manage all three.

Mikey, just Mikey 07/20/2018.

Success is unlikely without dancing ability. You need to understand how many unbelievably talented people there are that you will be competing against for each and every role, and those people can sing, dance, and act.

k am 07/20/2018.

Just try it.

Anonymous 07/20/2018.

From what I learned in school, there’s the triple threat that is a great singer, actor and dancer. Not everyone is a triple threat in theater

Pearl L 07/20/2018.

you might get more experience with dancing the more you do it