Is this really too "feminine" and too "girly" for a bloke- (a guy or whatever), to do or are my mates having me on and playing silly buggers?

snafu 07/13/2018. 6 answers
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One of my girl mates- (who, for the record's a singer and a bloody good one), often performs live gigs on sites like Facebook and Tinychat- (which, if anyone don't know, is pretty similar to Skype!) I've watched a few of these gigs of hers and she's, quite frankly, bloody amazing at what she does....

6 Answers

snafu 07/18/2018.

If you’ve got a good voice and want to express it by using a social media platform, go ahead. It maybe a really efficient way of getting noticed and decent paying gigs, who knows unless you try it? Your mates won’t be laughing, they’ll be jealous if you make a success of it. Choose a decent song though, one that’ll suit your voice.

The Lord Humungus. 07/18/2018.

The only silliness is calling wanking at home a "gig."

Sliz 07/18/2018.

Mate, you’ve gotta do what your heart tells you. I’m sure you’ll be great and be glad you did it.

Valencia 07/11/2018.


Tina 07/11/2018.

You're not going to be singing soprano, are you? pay no attention to what your friends say, but do get a totally unbiased opinion on your voice before you go public.

Cogito 07/11/2018.

You have to make up your own mind.

But think about this - are you really going to let your friends make decisions about YOUR life for you or are you going to do what YOU want to do?

A real man makes his own decisions.

Real friends would support you. Okay - they might take the piss a bit, but that's just blokes for you.