Why have cons ranted against gay marriage and gay adoption under the guise of "family values" and "protecting kids" but support ICE?

Kaiyle 07/08/2018. 4 answers
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It's very telling that cons ranted for 20 years against gay marriage and gay adoption under the guise of "family values" & "protecting children," yet the moment they rise to power, they let their Lord and savior Trump use ICE to rip families apart & kidnap children.


4 Answers

Enguerarrard 06/24/2018.

Republican hypocrisy about family values is staggering. In France and Germany working moms and dads get extensive paid maternity and paternity leave, and free daycare after that. That's real family values.

Bill 06/24/2018.

What makes you think there is a some kind hypocrisy in play here? Finding out who someone is and separating them from the children in the meantime is a large part of it means to protect children coming into the country. Do you want children coming into the country to be sold into sex slavery? Do you want people coming into the country to keep children they kidnapped?

And where is this twenty year business coming from? Twenty years ago gay marriage wasn't a national issue that people cared about. In 1998 people were making fun of gays, not thinking about the prospect of them getting married.

Oh and btw, keeping children safe and under the care of childcare providers is not abusing them.

The Lord Humungus. 06/24/2018.

The same reason they care so much about abortion, but slash budgets to take care of actual children.

They really do hate people.

MesquiteBeans2018 06/24/2018.

and you want us all to pretend the same thing wasn't going on under 0bama and the democrats. You can't conveniently change history when it suits you. One of the things 0bama ran on was being against gay marriage

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