What kind of acacoustic should I get?

? 07/02/2018. 5 answers
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I’m 5’7 my hands are not average size for a male my fingers are not that long and I’ve tried a full size acoustic guitar and the neck seemed too thick for me are there any cheap guitars that I could purchase with a thinner neck?

5 Answers

Mikey, just Mikey 07/03/2018.

My favorite beginners' acoustic guitar is the Yamaha FS800. You are clearly big enough for a full size guitar.

Teva 07/02/2018.

I learnt with a yamaha t310. It's inexpensive with thin neck and really good sound. I've been playing over ten years now, and have lots of more expensive guitars, but i still play it.

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Tony B 07/02/2018.

Unless you have hands about the same size as an average five or six year old you need an ordinary, full size guitar.

There is some variation in neck width and depth in guitars (although not much) and the only thing to do is try a variety of models.

my best advice though would be that you simply get a reasonable entry-level guitar and learn to play it. Avoid something like a dreadnought which has a large body. Expect to find the neck too wide, too deep and the frets too far apart. Expect to find your fingers too short, too weak and too thick. That's part of learning to play.

Good luck.

Added - even if you got a 3/4 size guitar you would find very little (if any) difference in the size of the neck. They are simply slightly smaller instruments intended for children.

? 07/02/2018.

You need to find a guitar with a smaller neck. Not all guitar necks are the same size or shape. You could also look into buying a smaller scale guitar.

Mark 07/02/2018.

Search for a 7/8th scale guitar. I used the Yamaha CS 40, but that's nylon string, not steel string. I can only find 3/4 scale steel string guitars. See if a shop can find you a 7/8th scale if the 3/4 seems too small.

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